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There was suppose to be a humorous post of mine tucked right up under kubes last reply it disappeared i hope it got home safe, but those words are long gone only me unanswered pm reply remains. poor lonely little thing

Originally Posted by [AE] 82694
Please stop as you can see I unapproved your thread. Don't do another one off topic please.
it actually and honestly was on topic. They are mearly stryder's way, a character within this community, my way of denouncing this big uproar and all aboard bandwagon hopping bannage of another returning character within the same community for simply... well being he in his own and unique way whom we have come to know as Bridget. Much as i am continually silenced, dusted under the carpet quickly before many have chance to see the points contained in my posts simply because they too are done in a unique and unnormal manner.

User received an infraction for this post
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stryder got an infraction for that which was his third resulting in a ban by the infraction system. I warned him via pm as you can see by his post.

This threads been derailed enough.
I Love GenghisTron . I miss you sooooo Much. LOL.

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Originally Posted by Rawh View Post
Being an admin means you can't get shot at. No wonder what the reason, we are god and should behave as much. Being a bastard operator from hell (Bofh) is all about power abuse, kicking and banning players that are way better then you and the occasional kick for no reason at all to show everyone our awesomeness !

About the part of you not trusting me, tough luck. How about the phraze "My community, my rules"?


Oh this is so going to backfire on me

Spawncamping is bad. Spamspamming is equally bad. Although we did enforce that rules quite harshy at the beginning, (to which you are referring no doubt?) the rule got removed from the list later while we admins see the light and noticed being an absolute spawnspamming whore is well within the limits of fun gameplay! Though I believe quite a lot of us still ban you for it!

Moron right back at you for spamming it! You don't like it, stay out, join other servers, don't care about it. People play at our server because they like their rank stuff and (mostly) use plain common sense.

Hope that helps you understand us lame admins a bit better!
Do me a favor.... PM me with a reason why having a target makes it spam.

I'm not defending assbags who camp respawn, but if you are playing from it, then you shouldn't be able to use respawn as a hiding place to dish out death and not expect some back.
Originally Posted by zSilver_Fox
See kids? Only Iggy and FT are good enough to post when high.
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