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Spy Discussion (NOT TROLLING)

Just curious if anyone knows when the spies are going to get some improvements. It's been awhile after the removal of the Gas. Making it extremely hard to compete vs the scout and medic in pickups. But I just learned to adjust and deal with it for now. I raged pretty hard yes, and quit for awhile. Because honestly it gimped the Spy hardcore..

Right now I do about 10 to 15 less runs then a medic, which isn't bad considering the amount of damage I deal to the defense and annoyance. Question is.. why not just play medic? The only reason I do well is because of my DM ability. So why perform less runs as a spy? In my eyes I know it's less effective and sometimes people whine about it. "How about you go medic SD, it's faster blah blah blah"

I will say a class that relies on hitting your tranqs is not a reliable offensive choice. (Although when your're on your tranq game you can make spoon ragequit) Spy needs a backup escape. Spy needs a benefit for it's team... Giving your team a chance to escape by disorienting the enemy. Gas nades also forced the defense to adjust opening new areas of attack for the offense. Trade-off was gas does effect your team. Medics conc/ heal/ infect. Scouts /conc/ jumppad. Now what does a spy put on the table? He's slow, can knife if you get close! Cloak is to slow, Sabotage equipment near impossible, and tranq guys if he knows how to AIM! Not whats needed in a pickup good Sirs. Tranq is great, but unreliable.

I doubt the gas nades are coming back, because supposedly it made spies to powerful, which isn't the case considering the 10 to 15 few runs less you do per game. Spies need to be able to perform effectively with each run and add a benefit to their team. Taking away their best asset. Was a slap in the face for the spy class.

I'm not trolling just telling the truth from always playing spy and seeing nothing being done to improve the class. FF is a great game I really do enjoy playing, which is why I'm trying to design some new maps for the community. Cannon_b5 will be out tomorrow and I think the pickups will enjoy this version even more.

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