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Wow...just found out about this mod...recognize some names on staff...this makes me happy.

I started playing TFC in July of '99 with a bunch of buddies at work. By September, IIRC, we wondered how far we could get in league play since we played with each other all the time, and clan -SIN- was born, founded originally by Psycho_man, Immy and me. Shortly after, our first of I think 5 original servers, -SIN-Cathedral, went up. I can't even remember the specs or the map cycle. Shortly thereafter, we played our first OGL match vs. a team called SU6, and won. 10 matches later we took our first loss to bM, but remained in the top 10.

-SIN- had it's ups and downs, and frankly, it's been too long to really recap, but as far as I know, they are still around, and still being run by an original member (and provider of our first big piece of hardware, -SIN-Alpha), Vandamaged.

Fast forward a while, and Kruunch from CE messaged me out of the blue one day on IM and asked if I would be interested in a casual play team, and I joined my 2nd and last clan, DAr`, made up of a lot of old CE players and a few from some other teams. Eventually K left (for DAoC, I believe), we started dropping members, and it just kinda fizzled. Was fun while it lasted, though.

The last time I really played seriously was the first time (last? dunno) the CPL held a money tournament for TFC. I played for Azlans second teams, WoG, and had a blast. Met a ton of people I had played with over the years, including Ecks and Dospac, and had an all around good time of it. After playing actual matches in a LAN environment, playing online seemed to pale in comparision, and I just sorta moved on to other games, but just reading about this Mod has me wanting to re-install and see if I can still tell one end of a rocket launcher from the other.

Best of luck guys...I'll be looking forward to it
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