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Originally Posted by AcidReniX
Its quite hard to explain bunnyhopping without writing a script first, but I'm quite lazy and the technique I show in the tutorial is how I picked it up.

It's not the best tutorial, but it is the method I used. I didn't want to focus on using maintaining speed to learn how to bunnyhop, or people wouldn't learn how to do it, they would only learn how to aircontrol off concs and rockets.
Yeah they're good points.. bunnyhopping is a mission to explain without actually being there teaching someone lol.

Would it be too much to ask for some very short (15 sec) videos of:

- Demoman placing a pipe trap, blowing it up
- Stacking burn levels as pyro with 3 burn weapons
- An explanation of the spy sabotage and how SG can see through cloaking but not disguise
- Building SG and upgrading

Basically I'm trying to get a basic manual on the website and was gonna do a few short vids myself about a few class things (have the youtube vids embedded in the page next to text about the classes), but since you're already on a roll thought i'd ask (no probs if not, I can do em)
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