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A Story -

DATE - JULY 2ND, 19--
TIME - 9.10 AM

Cast -

'Heavy' - John Rockwell - RED
'Medic' - Dr. Salvatore Alighieri - RED
'Soldier' - Ernest Fortman - RED
'Engineer' - Dr. Bob Cole - RED
'Spy' - ? (Only known to the team as Aesop) - YELLOW
'Sniper' - Walt Awdry - YELLOW
'Demo-man' - Bernhard Eld - BLUE
'Pyro' - 'Smokey Joe' - BLUE
'Scout' - John Cornwell - BLUE
'Citizen' - Winnie Templemann (The Boss of Both the Red and Blue Teams) - BLUE (Technically, as he wears Blue)

"Now, I called you all here, because of one reason that requires your cooperation."

Said the Citizen, attempting to shout over the din that was the Heavy, named Rockwell, strangling the Scout, named Cornwell, and Dr. Alighieri, the Medic, attempting to pull them away from each other.


The men return to their seats.

"Now, as you know, there is a new team that attempts to impede the progress of both teams - Yellow. And, last night, their Sniper and Spy attempted to murder me. Now, today, I have a press conference in Munich to attend, and I saw the two assassins patrolling the airstrip. So, I need you all to escort me to the plane. Please? For your old boss?"


The shout emanated from the Soldier, named Ernest Fortman, who jumped from his seat. He was made the unofficial team leader, though other members disagreed.

"We'll do it! I'll have the Engineer and Medic work up a strategy! Whadd'ya say, boys?"

The Heavy, Medic, and Engineer seem to be the only ones enthusiastic about the idea. The others, though reluctant, agree.

"Excellent! I'll go get my bags!"

TIME - 11.10 AM

Medic Alighieri and Engineer Cole return to the room.
"We've devised a strategy!"
"Yeah, Doc here tells me he used it durin' his Mafia days."
"It is so simple, they could not suspect it!"
"Half of us go into the Yeller' base to distract and murder 'em, an' the other half escorts Boss-Man to the plane."

The Heavy rises.

"So, how are we going to split up, then?"

"The Blue team shall distract the Yellow team, while we, the Red team, will escort Mr. Templemann."

The Scout, Cornwell, runs, jumps, and places his hands around the Medic and Engineer.

"Whoo, yeah, I suppose that's why they call it Team Fortress? Eh? Fellas? Com-"

"Shut up, Scout."

Several minutes later..

Heavy peers around a corner. He motions his hand, and is followed by the Medic, Engineer, Citizen, and Soldier.

The Soldier looks about, observing the large open door leading to the outside.

"Move up, and let's look."

The five men look from the door, and see no one. They advance to the nearby hatch, which leads them to an underground roadway. Observing a car, the men enter, and drive along, exiting the underground, and near an alleyway.


The Blue team, composed of the Scout, Rockwell, the Demoman, Eld, and the Pyro, only known as 'Smokey Joe'.

They near the flag room, when suddenly -


The Scout and the Demoman turn to observe the Spy, knife dripping with blood.

"Gentlemen, do you really think a little boy, a knockoff Alfie Nobel, and a fire man can defeat me? Foolish!"

The Spy turns invisible. Unbeknownst to the two, he exits the room.

"And, don't worry - my friend, the Sniper, will take care of your friends! Ahahahahah..."

The two men stand huddled in the room, before picking up the courage to flee. As they run down the hall, they pass the room in which the Sniper is in. He has set his sights on the black car that has just halted. Five men step out. His main focus is a man in a red beret. He loads his gun, and fires.


The Red team exits the car. The Soldier stands upon the hood of the car, produces a pair of binoculars, and talks as he peers about.

"Alright, men, this is the final stretch. We make it across the bridge, pass the green warehouse, and enter the door. There, we get to the airplane. Now, I-"

The Soldier, however, is unable to complete his sentence, as his head shatters open, blood and brain matter splattering the car.

"Holy hell!"
"Jesus, Mary, and Joseph!"
"Holy- Sniper!"

The Heavy points to the tower in which the Sniper is nestled.

Back in the tower..

"Heh. I think I'll pick off the Medic next. Or maybe the He-"

The Scout mercilessly pounds the Sniper with a crowbar.

"This is for - ah - killing my leader - grah - and my - ah! - friend!"

The Sniper tumbles from the tower, bringing with him a gracious amount of the Demoman's supplies. He crashes to the ground. If there was any gore to be seen, it would have been quickly swept away by the fiery explosion.

The Demoman and the Scout jump down, cheering at the success of their dirty work, and rejoin the group.

"We've lost the Pyro, and the Soldier?"

"Yes, but we've made it this far, we surely cannot give up now! Men! Forward!"

The Heavy and Medic lead the group, with the Scout and Engineer surrounding the Citizen, and the Demoman throwing timed explosives behind him.

They finally reach the door.

The Demoman looks about, then -


He lies upon the ground, Medic rushing to treat him. The Spy reveals himself. The Spy paces towards the Medic, raising his knife.

"Goodbye, Dr.- Noooo-!"

The Spy cries in defeat as the Medic injects poison into him. He turns, kneeling, only to see the Heavy and the Scout's guns poised at him.



The Spy, or what remains of him, lies upon the ground.

The Medic successfully treats the Demoman, and the group paces through the door, and onto the airstrip.

The Citizen turns.

"You all deserve a medal. I'll be sure to report your services to the higher ups. Thank you."

The Citizen boards the plane, and the two teams walk away.

The Scout and the Demoman soon became part of the Red team, sure to continue the fight for justice and colored flags.


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tl;dr nine
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William Shakespeare
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Oh well. Thank you for replying.
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Wondering if writing FF stories will become a thing around.
I enoyed the story personally, felt kinda short tho.
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