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[Request] ff_hellion_classic help

Hello everybody!

i could use some help @ hellion adjusin the ramps

would be nice if u could spend like 5-10 minutes in it and tell me bout the ramp into fr.

for example

fd->flag conc
not working for me, missing 16 units to get to flag *
working fine, flying back to mid bridge

and if its too hard to do it tell me too (:

could realy use some help with it, spend now 5x as much time doin that damn ramp + bridge in fr than for the rest

Conc/Slide to be tested:
fd --> flag
mid lvl-->flag

have fun with it, and would be awesome to see some feedback

/e i start with
ca 1000+ concs tested dunno took me allot of time

notworking 16 units missing
mid lvl --> flag
easy to do flying back to middle bridge
twice flyed back to ramp -> too hard

thx to all that could affort 5-10 minuts (:
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K i got a major problem, just tryed with some people in online server and can anyone tell me what that is that i can't "downslide" the ramp it just stops me.
working fine in langame ((

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Ok. So I'm not quite sure which of the ramps you are talking about. I never played the original.

Also in the water, under the bridge on the "flag side", u get stuck under both of the corners and are immobile for a second or two.

And the water seems a little too foggy.
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Well gnaa gave some of us NA people a look at the b2, it is still kinda tight but plays better

In my opion it acutally plays very good in a 5v5 style
#mimic #pick
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I love you for making this and alchimy btw.
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