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FF League - WEEK 3

Hello friends and lovers; winners and losers; hasbeen's and neverwas's, it's another beautiful week in Fortress Forever. Good gracious does this week look RIPE for the legends, and RIP for the tryhards.

I'd like to welcome SMP, paPOW!, and PWN to the league. I'd also like to bid farewell to The Club and DET-. Hopefully they'll fill out their ranks and rejoin the league in the future. Now, on to bigger things.

This week's map is ff_schtop. You've played it when it was Star Wars theme'd; you've played it when it gave 20fps; jesus, you've played it your entire life: this map is your first real fortress gaming kiss. So, pucker up your lips or butthole; you're either getting kissed or reamed this week. Best of luck friends!


^HeLL (70) vs givashit (80)

Wizard High Council (100) vs 2 Gud (90)

inhouse BYE

Clermont (100) vs Blunt Force Trauma (70)

Diverse (90) vs PWN (40)

BIG (60) vs Saints (80)

paPOW! (100) vs Sex Money Power (30)

Random Acts of Kindness BYE


The theme of this week is GRUDGE MATCH. Let the trash talk begin.

Also, check out this neat-o google doc for more information:

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