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FF League - WEEK 7

Welcome to week seven of the Fortress Forever League! Week six is almost over; I believe there's still two matches left to play, but those should happen on Monday. I just want to mention two points before I move on to this week's map, though:

+If your team wins the game before the round is over, i.e. if Team A gets 5 caps for their Offense round and Team B gets 6 caps with 5 minutes left in the round, under no circumstance should Team B start 'goofing off' or 'messing around'. What I mean is, even if the game is technically over, both teams should respect each other and continue to play the games out. I know it isn't a big deal, and I'm not saying your team can't relax a bit, and slow down the pace after you win, but try to be considerate of the other team and keep a respectful and competitive atmosphere.

+I have switched Week 9's map from from siden to mortality. I did this because I didn't realize I had two DM-centric maps, baked and siden, in a row. Shout out to the Stiffster for letting me know, and helping me change it.

And now on to your daily programming...

This week's map is ff_propinquity_b4. Our map lord and savior, the benevolent GreenMushy has blessed us with another masterpiece. Basically he took phantom and reversed it. It's a great map. You'll love it. Have I ever lied to you?


^HeLL vs givashit

inhouse vs Wizard High Council

2 Gud vs Clermont

Blunt Force Trauma vs BIG

Saints vs PWN

paPOW! vs Random Acts of Kindness

Diverse vs BYE


Remember, 8v8 signups start July 14th! You can only sign up through me, and it will be a first come first serve basis. I've listed a map pool on the google doc. When you sign up I need you to also tell me what map, of those listed, you would like to play. The match will take place on Saturday afternoon/evenings 4pm-9pm est. Please only sign up if you can make it for that time. This is basically a test to see if something like this can work, and to find out what needs to be changed to make something like this work.

Also, the suggestion thread should be up soon. So, if you have suggestions, criticisms, concerns, or insults for me, please keep them in mind and post them in that thread. (

(The FF League Bible :

Thanks for playing friends!

[This message brought to you by DONG ENERGY: Make DONG a priority.]

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