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Hello from old TFCer


I am an old TFC player that just happened to stumble upon a link to Fortress Forever. I played as Zaffod competitively in 9v9 US Leagues (a couple, I think... Can't remember which ones...) - I believe I retired from TFC while in the /tmp/ (or was it Jell-() at this time?) clan around 2004. I also played in 5v5, though I can't remember who I retired with - I remember we used to play against Harvesters of Sorrow [HoS] quite frequently, but that doesn't really narrow it down.

Anyway, I just felt the urge to make a forum account to check in on a community that was so fun back when I was playing TFC in high school. Not sure if many of the guys who played competively back then are part of this community, but figured it'd be their most likely hang out if they were still around. Or are the TFC guys sticking to TFC still? Perhaps I should check The Catacombs forums for any signs of life...if that site is even still around.

Couple quick questions:
If I was to want to get back into playing a TFC style game, would I have a better chance at finding fellow players on a TFC server or on a Fortress Forever server?
Also, does Fortress Forever require a Half Life 2 installation or does the Steam release act as a standalone game? I'd need to upgrade my computer to even consider playing again, but it's not a complete impossibility.

Anywho, like I said, just wanted to stop in and say hello and impart my thanks for keeping this community alive, even if I don't end up playing.
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Oh hai,

Fortress Forever is a stand alone game, so all you need to do is install it on steam.
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Competitive play on FF generally takes place on the Pick-Up channels. However, given the recent release through Steam, it's possible a league could form.

I, too am an old TFC'er. I do still play it, though. The two games don't need to be mutually exclusive. There are still some good populated servers out there. I enjoy both games, and if you like TFC as much as you say, you should also enjoy Fortress Forever. While it's not a "remake", it's more of a sequel to the Fortress genre. Like TFC was heavily influenced by QWTF, so FF is heavily influenced by TFC AND QWTF.

Also, you'll find some of the maps have.... shall we say..... surprises.... hidden within. An homage back to the simpler days.
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