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Pew pew ze beams
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New server zE Palace US|HLstatsX-SkillZ|

After we closed our US server 3 months ago, we promised to the US community players that we would bring it back with a different concept, so we kept our word. The concept of it is based on our Euro Indie maps server, with a lot of skill maps and some indie maps, and all the content of our Euro servers, because we noticed thats what USA community lacks currently is a skill server.The server is located in St. Louis Missouri and will have 12 slots, wich is enought for the type of maps that are in the maprotation.

* IP
* USA Fortress Forever Public Server.
* 66 Tickrate.
* Fast Dowloads.
* Ventrilo Server: Ip: Port: 9055
* Located in St. Louis, Missouri, USA.
* Good USA average latency.
* 12 slots with no reserved slots.
* Dynamic Votes: always 2 double jump maps, 2 conc maps, and 2 other maps such as climb, surf,escape,climb and indie maps to choose from.
* Latest HlstatsX for Fortress Forever that actually uses Fortress Forever points to rank the players.(Mixed rank of all zE Palace servers).
* Live Chat transmit to # zepalace at quakenet so admins can track whats going on all times.
* Type admin ingame and all admins at irc will be highlited.
*Chat ingame between zE Palace servers.
* Warning in game when a ff.pickup (Gamesurge/Quakenet) starts.
* 300 maps for admin vote.
* 120 maps on nominations (Only skill/offbeat/fun maps).
*Admins Bostwix,Jay Mofo Mills,Raynian,Hawk,PoisonDuckie,Stay Kitten,FyngBurrito.
* 80 maps on map rotation.
* Alltalk enabled.
* Friendly fire disabled.
* Saveme plugin that automaticly loads on skill maps and unloads on regular maps.
* Every week maintenace for uploading released maps, adding new features or fixing small problems.

Enjoy : )

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Hawk Eye
Who the fuck is this guy?
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Awesome. This is pretty much what we were using the old US server for anyhow.
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Yes no reserved spots. SWEET! Allways hated em' as long as I can remember
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Pew pew ze beams
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Forget to say, thks to hardy from ff.pickup for the Irc bot hosting all the leet stuff that he does with that, and to Rawh for hosting the stats stuff.
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