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Anti Cheat

Ok guys with the release of 2.1 nearing and the removal of the [AE] ban list I'm wanting to step security up a notch. Right now I'm only running

1- VAC (valve anti cheat)
2- Steam Bans

Now I'm considering running this SourceMod third party plugin.
Kigens Anti Cheat

And this one

Can anybody tell me if either of these have conflicts with FF? I know when FF first was released detox would slam players to the ground once they reached a certain speed. This is suppose to be able to turn this on and off now. But I'm just asking for any info you other server owners might have on these two.
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From 2 minutes of reading on the Kigen's site:

-It crashes if you mess with gravity (?)
-Can't use sv_cheats (if that is important to you)
-Possible crashes at map changes (Possible conflict with SourceBans?)
-Sometimes has problems where it doesn't ban the cheating player

It's big feature seems to be banning all cafe accounts (Why would we want to do this in FF?), enforcing cvars, and preventing people using the unconnected bug.

I thought the FF team already made all the known abuseable cvars cheat protected, and the ones in kigen's are aimed at CS:S anyways.
I think it would be pretty trivial to write a plugin to JUST fix the unconnected bug... there probably is one already...

From Detox:

-The speedhack detection will more than likely need to be turned off
-The wallhack prevention will likely screw FF. It causes model 'popping' in CS:S sometimes; imagine how bad it would be in FF? You could probably get a scout through a narrow door without the server sending any data to the other players..
-There is currently a bug that is mass banning large numbers of people.
-Again, unneeded CS:S based cvar list

Both seem WAY more trouble than they are worth...
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Yeah, I wouldn't trust either.

At least aimbotting and wallhacking in FF are much less of a problem than in most other games.

Speedhacking isn't really that much of an issue, either. :P
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With more security, comes a higher loss of convenience.

1) VAC sucks, it always has.
2) Steam Bans is really all you need, plus something like Scuzz for admin. Ban them and get it done with.
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I'm not a fan of Steam Bans because there are a bunch of cafe steam IDs on their list. Since cafe steam IDs are random... some people using our college's gaming computers would randomly not be able to join our own server. So I got rid of that. However I would consider using it at another point...
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