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Is it possible to make a zombie mod in FF, like they did in Css ? Lots of newbs like the mod. Imagine a concing zombie. Or a cloaked Spy zombie. That would be AWESOME imo.

The HL2 Mod Age of Chivalry has a Movie when you start the game. Maybe we should add Ryu's Avi in the beginning.

L4D has an Animated background in the Menu. Maybe thats a cool idea for FF.


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nvr tried zombie mod, but i like the idea of the video at start and the animated background.

also hookmod is a must lol
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Zombie mod could be approximated using lua.
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Wouldn't it be just as easy to just reskin the models?
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Yes, but the CS Zombie mod also did things like converting from one team to another, etc. LUA should be able to do it fine in conjunction with model reskins.
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