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niM2oD from cOmplexity

Got into TFC with my friend on his horrible computer on 56k. Then I played some CS, once i got my horrible computer, on 56K.

Refound TFC, and started clanning, and playing with some random teams, I forget the name of one of them, but the tag was |RSS| or |RRS| or something to that effect. They went on to change names and all that good stuff, and I could probably still talk to them if i logged into Yahoo messenger.

After that, I talked to Andy "halfbreed" and he wanted me to join his clan, which died a week latter. So I waited for a while, until he and a few others, namely Kardon who disappeared, created complexity, which tagged [cO]-. Perm, who posted earlier on this, was on the team for a short while.

Anyways, many of the greats of TFC were on this team. I latter found out many of the endgame players lived very near me, and I lanned with them tons of times after I had moved on to CS.

This game is the best TEAM based and skill based game ever. I loved this game, even though it ruined my life. 4-5 hour practices daily were brutal, especially for this highly skilled engineer :} j/k.

I know many of my old friends are/were planning on coming back for this mod, so I am highly anticipating it. Hopefully ill be more active on this forum after this post, and hopefully put in my input.

Private message me if you remember me, I wanna meet some old friends.

Peace it out,
Zach "niM2oD" Liptak.
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I recongnize some names from the first four pages.

I played with PF (Pyroclastic Flow) about 6 months after TFC was released and was mostly a reservist because I sucked and was on 56k for a while.

I quit when 1.5 came out because it changed too many dynamics of the game. I also couldn't land a grenade to save my life.

I hope this game brings back a bit more offense, maybe somewhere between C and 1.5

I wrote predictions at a few different sites too, which ranged from mildly amusing to seemingly drug influenced.
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I cant remember when exactly when I started playing tfc. I remember buying Halflife after reading an article about it. When I bought HL, I didnt even have a PC... installed it on my father-in-laws Compaq!

Shortly after I logged onto WON and started playing TFC... 4-5 years later im still clanning and enjoy playing just as much when I first got the game. The community has definatley been huge. The pics in the media section are unreal... just an awesome job. Looking forward to trying out the NG
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Been a long time

The most memorable part of TFC for me was playing with a clan named Crunk for several years. That and spending waaaay too much time on the Catacombs forums.

I hope that FF is able to capture the spirit of TFC, and bring back the love of the game.

I've reinstalled TFC, and I have to say that it is *not* like riding a bike. I encourage everyone to get back out there and practice up. It's still surprisingly fun to play.

Thank you to the development team, and we all can't wait to see what you come up with.
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In Belgium we used to have a great number of players and still have a "sleeping" TFC community for all I know.

I've been playin' it for nearly 6 years now and it still rocks to me. I'm still improvin' so of course I'm looking forward to Fortress Forever!

Consequently, I'd like to be in the first Belgian Fortress Forever clan heheee.

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o_[nsa]slim shady
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I was just wondering if any of you peeps out there remember me?

Way back in the good old TFC Sniping days.

I also made a few Sniper maps t00...

ShadySnipe2001 was one of them.

Hope to meet some old skool here & look forward to FF.

4rM... -=:]) Sli/\/\.

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A Very Sound Guy!
Fortress Forever Staff
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welcome to the forums
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o_smiler :)
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heyy people.

i was known as Savage-Satan lol

THIS IS AMAZIN!! I gave up on TFC about 1 n a half years ago now.. mainly because I stoped playin online games, steam pissed me off and i got a new computer i couldnt install HL1 on because of steam..

Slim Shady, i new sumone called that he was fuckin good at sniping too, if it was u then that is an amazing coincidence!!but there were probably 100s of people called slim shady.. I doubt u would remember me anyway.I cant even remember what the name of my clan was now..

I was a top notch soldier.I loved goin into a JOLT server and gettin a score over 150 and having every1 acuse me of cheatin. was always fun. then join a clan server and have a good challange.

I had almost forgoten how good it felt to launch somone up in the air with a blast from my rocket launcher and shoot em in the air agen before they even hit the floor with perfect timing.

AHH i need to install HL1 on my computer now.. i wonder if u guys can help.. i cant install hl1 on this computer because i regesterd it with a different steam account on my old computer which i dont use anymore. recently started playing HL2 with a new steam account but it wont let me register hl1 with my new steam account because the cd key is in use with the old one... any help? new cd key i guess..
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use your old steam account. its not like hotmail where people just get a new account every now and again.
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Re: Clan[NSA]

Originally Posted by [NSA
Slim Shady]Hi ALL,

I was just wondering if any of you peeps out there remember me?

Way back in the good old TFC Sniping days.
I remember some NSA guys from Sniperzone on Blueyonder
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FF is a godsend.

I really mean it

And I don't mean like a Quake 2 Weapons Factory almost cool but not quite QWTF kind of godsend.

I mean a genuine bonafide godsend of epic proportions.

Thank you for this mod.

Thank you for rekindling my hope in the mod community.

You're models and skins are very lovely, I am in fits thinking about playing with them.

I was playing QWTF back in Q4 96...eventually became a member of the legendary (though not quite as legendary as Western Canadian rivals VR), Dream Warriors [DW], whose website, by some ridiculous pre-payment of a domain is still up at . A pretty cool slice of TF history if you ask me. Hell, I'm still on the members roster...

Once again, thank you for this game, and I hope a league starts for this.

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i though id post it here, its not really topic worthy. anways, LTD folded last night, after a few bleak months. Hopefuly some of you know / remeber LTD. There isnt much of a community to say goodbye to however the clan and i would like to pass on our thanks to the community who have made to past years very very fun indeed.
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I suppose if Innoc can post on here I should as well. So much fun to read frmo all the old guys. Many memories. And the links to the old write ups, so very long ago but fun.

I started playing TFC when the lan party version was released. I spent alot of time posting on the valve tfc forums which was moderated by Painkiller[CE]. It was there that I met Biggz from DW and so I joined them. Played one match with them and realized that playing on a 28k modem from california on a UK server was just not cool.

I got hooked up with Dodo and crew and joined -mOm- Mind Over Matter. Played in my first STA match vs WOLF. Also played a few others such as u238, HATE etc. I played in the famous disputed match with HATE that eventually got Shaggy, the OGL admin booted.

I then moved on to the Talking Goats which was a great experience. I met so many cool people in the tfc community and really learned how to play the game. I spent too much time on IRC chatting with EngineerBob and GM [KiN]. the ALL-STAR pickups were fun. I always looked forward to matches with CSI and crew. What Innoc failed to mention was the match -R- played TG on darkness when I think it was Xarnon returned the flag back to our base...

I spent alot of time on the Austin Crack Whore server and Cynergy[KiN]'s SQ1 server. It was there that I started playing with some of the best soldiers inthe game and took it upon myself to learn from them. Jousting with Shux, Cynergy, Priest, Immy, Striker and GM, Fusion, Shaitain, ESC and many others was so much fun. I miss the [2%] servers as well.

I played with TG for a while and then moved onto about a two week stint with the reformed THD and decided that wasnt for me, and joined the second remake of 100kdl. Had a short but fun tim eplaying with Felix, d3mp and a few other "CSI" guys.

My semester at school ended and I lost a decent connection so I quit playing for a bit. Then started playing again and Biohazard asked me to play for WOLF. So I joined them and played with them for a while, eventually even moving up to clan leader for a short while before WOLF called it quits. WOLF actually had a decent team for a while..until the Zt split.

After playing with WOLF I tried to help form a new team but that went nowhere. So I hooked up with NCA. Played with NCA till they quite and then formed bP. Played with bP till about the time of bPf. I enjoyed my time in bP mainly because it was the first clan that really pushed me to perfect my skills. Every player on the team was top notch and to get a starting position meant I had to perform just as good. It was during this time that I felt that I reached the best skillwise that I did anytime else.

After bP I visited the world of tfc outside of Plat/Gold/PFL etc. Got bored with that and joined with my long time buddies in 404 and played with them till they stopped. Best group of guys to play with and be with in irc and rea life.

After 404 I played for <@> redeye briefly as well as dc Deadclans. Then I quit tfc altogether. A friend of mine pointed me to this website and it looks interesting, but hard to say if I will ever play again.


sup Kelly.
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tfc was the greatest game i ever played and will remain with me forever and i am hoping that Ff will do the same thing to me. to bad cs went and got everyone to be "cool", load of bs is what i say.

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I started playing quake tf back in 1996 on a 33.6 modem that only connected at 28.8 (ISPs didn't support 33.6 at the time). I played off and on for a couple of years until TFC was released and revived my interest in the Half-life directory that had been rotting on my hard drive. TF was extremely addictive for someone like me, a fan of strategy, rpg, and fps games. Having so many options in an fps reminded me of another game that hooked me for quite a while: MechWarrior 2.

Anyway, when I heard about TFC I started helping people out on the HL forums on Sierra's site, and eventually became the moderator of the HL, TFC, and TF2 forums over there. When I found it over-extending my resources, especially in the summer of 1999 when I was trying to get into Clan Erinyes, I quit to focus on work and the game.

After a 1-month recruiting process (long because they asked me to change classes from demoman to medic, and taught me how to conc-jump in TFC, since it was quite different from TF), they let me in for some reason. To this day I'm still very proud of CE's initial winning streak, and saddened that CS put such a deep fracture into the clan (though I must add that our practice schedule and method didn't help, we were extremely rough on the defense).

By the time CE left TFC, I was more or less burnt out on the game, and took a much-needed break. I found, however, that I had a hard time getting back into playing public games, and joined the Warlords of Beer a few weeks later. After a relatively short run with them and a stint playing under the name Vizeroth, I quit again to play another game, and then resurfaced with some old friends in the Dragon Army, playing as DAr`DrDevice, only to have to move to Virginia and lose contact for a couple months before finding my connection quality to be nearly unplayable, and the maps just as bad in the PGL (or whatever that league was called).

During my time between WoB and DAr` I joined on with some members of |{ and PF to form a new league, the PFL, which did pretty well until I had to quit for my move. I'm not really sure what happened to the league, but I'm sure it had a lot to do with the heavily political nature of the whole endeavour.

In the end, I still get the feeling that if someone did a new fortress mod the right way, and my computer could handle it, it would suck me back in. Fortunately, I have a wife and daughter now to force me back into balance. The game has always been a serious monkey on my back, but I definitely enjoyed it far more than I could ever hate it.

One thing I will say, though, is that I don't envy anyone the job of trying to please even a portion of the TF/C community, as each player has something they remember about a particular version of the game which they'd like to see remain or brought back, and it almost always conflicts with what someone else wants.

Good luck to the FF team, maybe Ill buy HL2 to check this mod out, and hopefully my computer can handle it.
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I played Half-Life before I played TFC, it was only that TFC was released as a free Mod in 1999. Ive had a few breaks from it and seen alot of people come and go, for good reasons and not so good. Clans on the scene were, Dtm (*cough* The 1st one *cough*), AGL and many many others.

On and off playing about 5yrs, and return to be rusty and find everyone who were noobies are much better than me

When I signed up to the whole uktfcl / clan world was when I came across a guy called [AGL]Cheddar, he took me under his wing and from then on foward I didnt look at another public server the same way ever again. Cheers Ched if your out there

My first clan was ILP - I Like Pain, Clan leaders Paz and Dreadnought, again big wave if ur reading

Anyway long story short I love TFC and always have, like many people have said its weird but there is something about it. Likewise it was the people playing that keep me playing and the kept it alive. Lets bring it back to better than it was!

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My TFC Experience

my usual name was S'S~CyberSlayer~

belonged to a uk guild called Snark Syndicate, hardcore hldm and eventually made a tfc branch

I started playing tfc the second I could online
my computer was such junk
56k, 300mhz p2, 16 mb ram, 4 gig hd
had to run on a medium res with software rendering, was the pits, 15-25 fps
since tfc was blessed with the lovely ability to use the console I was able to tweak all my settings to limit the pull on my modem, was able to get my ping to 100 easily, but that was a good 2 months into my tfc experience,

I still enjoyed the old school sniping, totally lag dependant, draggin your lil red dot over your victims head, I was pretty good at it for being a 56k'r, but due to my limits in ping I ended up resorting to just using soldier in my wee newbie days, soldier is still by far my favorite class, I think its one of the most agile, I was a pro rocket jumper hardcore flag caps on crossover

than got into playin tfc team death match and got extremely proficient at all classes, I just cant wait for fortress forever, got that crazy tingle of joy in my heart just thinkin about it
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Always meant to post on this topic but was just too damn lazy...Anyway i spose i might as well get on with it.

I started out playing back in '99, Id only recently bought my first pc(a p200 pentium..ugh)and having been wowed by a review for half-life, i bought it knowing at the time nothing at all about tfc or online gaming in general. Anyway the obvious next step seemed to be getting online and experiencing this new fangled internet thing, well that and porn. Obviously back then this wasnt exactly cheap with pay by the minute being the standard in the UK, And thus downloading HL patches was totally outve the question on 56k. Luckily i got a copy of pcgamer(or something along those lines) which announced it had TEAM FORTRESS CLASSIC a hl mod on its cover disc, i was somewhat intrigued and installed it.

As i mentioned, back then internet access in the UK was far from cheap and i was somewhat restricted by this as i wasnt willing to run up a huge bill, Luckily though around this time BTinternet started a free internet at weekends service and thus my true experience of TFC began. Initially having absolutely no idea about servers or indeed anything online gaming related i just used to use the quickstart feature which would just chuck you onto any random server anywhere in the world, as you can imagine this generally left me playing on an american server with a 700 ping and no idea wtf i was doing, Luckily i got the hang of the ingame browser and found my way to the most popular ones at the time, The Demon UK servers.

Like i said i was a clueless newbie, but even from the beginning i was somewhat drawn to the scout class and capping flags seemed fun, so thats what i did, very often racking up huge scores whilst playing against a non existant defence. I can often remember trying to score over 200 and seeming to think this was an achievment even when the opposition probably only had 1 person bothering to defend. At some point during these first few weeks of playing i remember seeing a few people wearing [BC] tags, Drak,Mocus,Eat and Disa were the 4 original members, i had no real understanding of clans at the time but i seem to recall them trying to get some other guy on the server to join their clan(i seem to remember the map being rock2) anyway i thought it sounded interesting, so i asked them if i could join...stupidly they said yes :P

We wern't exactly organised back then and the clan just consisted of a bunch of people who all used to pile onto the demon servers at midnight on a Friday when the calls went free, play for hours and then simply repeat this following weekend. At some point we obviously decided to take it a little more serious and started using icq to chat outside games. Im sure most of the people who have used icq will remember the classic chats involving 10 or so people, half a dozen of whom you couldnt see and thus would wonder who the hell everyone else was talking to, Brilliant times

I cant really remember what our first serious clangame was, I do know that at some point we played against a clan called [WG] (Wiseguys) who beat us, so we stole their best players Wlz and Fu , Wlz told us about quakenet and irc and with a bit(a lot) of help we managed to get ourselves a channel and thats probably when we actually started playing for real.

This is probably the earliest game ive got a screenshot of:

If i recall correctly though i dont think thats even me in the screen, i think Drak arranged it and since half of us didnt turn up/didnt know about it, he ended up getting a loadve mercs. That ping definitely looks suspiciously low too, back then 400 was more likely

Our first league was the UKTFCL which we entered at some point during s2 but didnt play any games. By the time season 3 came around we were actually becoming half decent, and having beaten a few clans in friendlies who were rated quite well at the time, VVV(veni vidi vici) for one:

We managed to get ourselves a slot in div2(i think this is right...i honestly cant remember if they had the prem then simply 1 big ladder div back then) where we'd face off against the likes of BIA and LT. We had a great season and it came down to a straight fight between us and LoonyToons. Unfortunately we didnt quite have what it took, and after being beaten on cz2:

we didnt quite have enough to get the win on rock2:

This was enough though to get us a spot in the prem

Hmm just realised this is turning into more of a BC history than a me history, Ill try and stop waffling on.

After this we were always challenging for the top titles in European TFC and whilst in some cases it took some time, the etfcl coming in pretty much our last game in tfc(which we never got a trophy for, fuse you bastard! :P), i think weve won pretty much everything at least once

Ive wasted far too much time on tfc and ive played with and against some great people and the odd complete prick , but i wouldnt change any of it.

Im not sure for me at least if FF will have anywhere near the same feeling as TFC did when i first started playing, irregardless of how good it is, and im sure it will be amazing. But thats nothing to do with the quality of the mod and more that nothing is really as fun as the first time you find something you really enjoy doing, as i did in TFC. However im certain new people coming into gaming will find FF and have the same feeling i did when i first started out.

On a final note, i do really regard BC as my only clan, but i did play in Renaissance for a short time and whilst i found it pretty tough to get the same enjoyment outve the game as i used to(being outve practice and lacking the desire to bother to improve isnt good), it was still good fun playing alongside people like Defrag who'd been rivals for so long when we were BC and DW respectively.

Hope that held the slightest amount of interest for anyone, Brought back a few memories for me at least. Apologies for the length and any mistakes.
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Send a message via ICQ to Dospac Send a message via AIM to Dospac Send a message via MSN to Dospac Send a message via Yahoo to Dospac
Hey PK! You definitely should get HL2 to play FF. =)
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I am a fortress fan however I have never really played TFC. My fortress experiences although, did in fact stem from TFC.

I have always had a slight interest in computers, but never knew of their powers (technology wise). Every time I got one from my Grandfather or other sources, it was always a 1970 technology computer that the climax of enjoyment was reached by changing the colors of the font in dos. (How exciting. Maybe I should save up and buy me a thousand of these amazing "boredom" machines)

One day in my Junior year of high school, I was playing Golden Eye and I was making comments to my best friend John about how awesome the graphics were and that I wish there were more games like it. (I never knew he had a computer and that he played computer games. Strange but, he was my best friend and I had only been in his house a couple of times) So one day, he tells me of "TFC" and how it adds so much depth to FPS games. At the time I had didn't even have any idea what a "FPS" game was, until he expained. (not that it was hard to understand...or was it ? )

Anyways, I went to his house and was amazed. I watched him play TFC and couldn't believe that computers could have such amazing graphics. (remember my above computer experiences) I thought, back then, that game consoles were the BEST source for gaming and that it would always be that way. Boy was I wrong.

My senior year, I got a Macintosh as my first "real" computer. (yes, snicker if you will for calling a Mac a "real" computer). Unfortunately though, TFC was not for Mac and thus never had the chance to play it. However, Q3F for the Quake 3 engine was.

Thus began my Fortress experiences and have been the soul source of many years of enjoyment and happiness. (sounds gay yes, but what else is there that is better? Football? HAHAHA)


I am currently in clan -NULL- of which used to be TFC as well.
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