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Apple removes games containing the Confederate flag

“We have removed apps from the App Store that use the Confederate flag in offensive or mean-spirited ways, which is in violation of our guidelines,” Apple told the site in a statement.

[...]Other major retailers like Amazon and Walmart have too ceased all selling of merchandise featuring the Confederate flag. Apple’s response to the issue brings to memory its reaction to games with violent imagery, which resulted in the removal of number of screenshots for some games.

Isn't this going a bit too far? I mean I know the Confederacy Flag is now linked with rasicm and pro-slave-labourism, but still, I find it silly to remove it from games/films just not too offend someone. There are also a bunch of games having the Nazi flag (ex. Wolfenstein or Sniper Elite), but besides Germany (and I do think they are over-bashing themselves for it) nobody really protests against it. It's part of the history, of the past, you cannot deny nor censor it.
Plus certain games such as Ultimate General: Gettysburg are designed to be about historical events. Censoring bits of them would mean removing historical accuracy.

Furthermore, isn't the Confederate Flag, a part of Mississipi's present flag? It was here since 1894 and apparently nobody complained about it for over 120 years as far as I know.

Anyway do you agree with Apple's/Amazon's/etc measure?
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