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I remember buying HL when it came out only cause it looked "cool" I didnt even have a PC, but installed it on my in-laws Compaq. I remember signing on to the net to play online with dial-up

Been playing TFC for a good 4-5 years. Been only 1-2 clans, couple diff leagues. The sticking point with TFC has been the community. Mods like this, the people that try and keep it fresh. To this day I still play TFC with as much ethusiasm as I did when I first started playing.

Gotta say im in awe of the progress you all as a team have made with this mod. Its just looks unbelievable. Keep it up peeps!
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o_the clover boy
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I started playing TFC about 5-6 years ago and played for a couple years. Started a clan [Ni-Cd] and was a member of a few clans after that. Unlike a lot of hardcore TFC players, I do have an appreciation for CS, but not a love for it.

I loved the game for its gameplay and community and would definately like to thank the FF crew for bringing my love of TFC back to my life. I'm definately looking forward to the new takes on old classic maps.

With the death of TF2 (or at least the death of my hope for TF2 ever coming out) FF has given me new hope and makes me want to go out and buy the old TFC to re-live the first FPS that I ever fell in love with.

Once again, I dream of rocket jumping and hiding sentries.
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i played tfc when my counter-strike booted the wrong game
it's been broken ever since
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Mad props to all developers and admins and moderators!

I remember getting HalfLife in '99 for my birthday, got it from my girlfriend (who is now my wife **cough**). I just played the singleplayer game for months, trying to beat all the levels untill the end game. When I'd accomplished that i started to look around for more options and I saw this online multiplayer thing. Didn't dare to click on it first because i knew it was gonna make an internet connection, and there I was, sitting with my 56k modem pay per hour

I did it anyway and the result was dissapointing : it said something about Halflife version outdated, you need to update blah blah. I'm not 100% sure about the version, i had I THINK and it needed to be lol This was already well in 2000

So when I finally figured out how to update I selected join random server, and there it was yoda's 2fort 24/7 !! I'll never forget it. Didnt know anything about classes or shit. I soon figured out hw guy was the heaviest class, with the most ammo and health, so i started playing that class. I remember when I thought I was a good HW guy : i pressed duck and fired the ac gun. There I was, sitting on my knees because I thought it would make me more difficult to hit just firing my ac without any momevement at all rofl. Then I moved on to play sniper (didnt we all in our newb days ) I only played on that server for MONTHS day after day. You get to know the regulars and at one point Lord_Mike asked me to join a clan [4H] to play as fattie. I was a euro guy and back in the day the netcode was different, euro hw were harder to kill on usa servers. I remember my ping as well 300-400

So there I was in my first clan, playing the likes of CNBL, CSI, ELB, RICE, KAR, bM we had fun, buit were still such noobs.

Then at one time I remember in our irc channel some guy talking about Digital Warfare, it was the best clan of the world he said!!! and they were from the UK. I remember thinking, wtf i thought this was an american game only do they play in uk as well? llllllol

So I asked for a link of their site and there it was : still the same site up to date!

I checked the wars section to look for screenies and couldnt believe my eyes


I was like omg!! And wanted to look for euro players on irc. So i started looking all over gamesnet, because usa clans were on gamesnet and couldnt find any of the clans rofl, so nOOb I know.

Well then I learned about quakenet

At that time I thought I was a pretty hot hwguy and wanted to look for euro servers to show them how good I thought I was. Via the DW website I learned the servers they played, so I joined and what the hell! my ping was like below 200!!! I got totally owned though by the euro offies, who were all over me. I also learned about the rule differences threw a mirv in resup and got a warning from a person, do that again and I'll kick you.

Never being asked such a question, or gotten any experiences with a kick from a server I started laughing and saying stuff like yea sure, untill that person finally said : forget the kick, i'll ban you straight away and suddenly i saw the hl console screen. I was like HUH??11 what just happened?? wantedf to reconnect to server : you have been banned blah blah haha I didnt even know that was possible. Ill never forget the name too : [DW]Octogon or something

Sooo that was my first pm to Defrag haha, I bet he doesnt even remember it, im talking 2000/early 2001 here. He laughed and said, yea docca can be moody sometimes i'll unban u but behave. Always played with the tag Un_Zipper then which later evolved to Unzy


So I started picking up the soldier class, remember joining DTA an irish clan with rubberduck and Warnipple but soon got a chance to play for [BAD], belgian's top tfc clan together with SSK. In the meantime i became a solid soldier.

Also my girlfriend started to regret ever buying HL

So that was the beginning of some very good tfc years which I'll never forget. Lot's of top matches, playing all the top clans in europe, making it to tB and UE who soon split after that and playing in an][ with the best around!

I'm pretty proud and i surely miss those days, at least everyone knew who I was. Made some great interviews with great players as well on democenter who unfortunately now are all lost (i'm not looking at BS )

I so hope FF comes along, I'll certainly pick the game up again, no longer as def though, i wanna play off this time

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I picked me up a copy of HL the day it came out & had it completed within 2 weeks (didn't we all?) I wasn't on the internet at the time & it took me a good couple of months to convince me m8 'Wicksman' to get the game & play it online. At the time Q2dm > all.

So eventually when I convinced Wicks to play it online we had to download the patch which contained the 1st release of TFC. We hopped straight onto a pub server & soldiered taking 1 map each for a good few hours. The PC had no sound card & so we had 'Right Here, Right now' by fatboyslim on repeat!

After a few hours of play we were hooked & joined the 1st clan that offered us a place, which was [KASAP], a british clan that played on Wireplay (inbred isp) only.

Wicks took over the clan & took it from being a bunch of n00bs to a bunch of elitist c u next tuesday's. However we couldn't depose the likes of DW BC & SHS from the top of the UK clan scene.

I used to spend hours practicing concs pre TF1.5 when the toned em down considerably. Then I spent hours practicing bunnyhop until valve toned that down too... it seemed that everything that gave tfc renewed life would be 'reviewed' by valve.

So I started playing hwguy & still do... I've been playing TFC since the start & hwguy is the only class I can play to what can be loosly be described as a decent level!

Looking forward to FF as mainly due to the fact that I've known (or known of) most of the Dev team, including being clanned with Rebo & Billdoor & the many KASAP/DW flames with Defrag!

TFC being remade by TFC players can only be a good thing...
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*AKA* Has been there......

*AKA* has been a die hard TFC guild since 1999 and we are still alive today...but barely. People hardly take the time to read long posts so I will just post the links to our important stuff...HISTORY!! At *AKA* strongest there where once 250 members of which spawned several clans:

BT......many leagues but now know as -459
DF...Still a league team today and sponsored by *AKA*....STA SILVER
LSG...Ledgendary Snipers Guild
RS/SS....Spawned 2 CS teams

We even purchased the ladder sofeware to form our own League "The CCL" and had in house competion.

From here you can go wherever you like...enjoy.

FF will revive many and we are eagerly anticipating its release. New blood is welcome.
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A Very Sound Guy!
Fortress Forever Staff
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cool, i quit the whole clan scene before these guilds were popping up, but once im back on my feet at clan level playing, i'd be up for the challenge
Support FF:
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Back in high school(2000) I was an avid Q2DM player. I owned HL, but the multiplayer aspect was lost on me, especially because most of my Q2 playing was done from school where I could install it on every machine in the building and get random kids to play with me.

Sometime after I graduated that summer I convinced my mother to allow me to have a broadband connection in my room(read: set it up without her permission and paid for it, so she couldn't argue much about it). I discovered TFC around then. I've been all over the board, reading about you guys(and girls?) playing on maps like 2fort and such. I'm not too great at remembering names, but I remember all those maps details with a passion.

I never liked being a heavy, way too slow for me. My favorite was the soldier or the medic. When I got sick of blowing shit up, I'd switch to the suicidal medic and try my damnedest to infect everyone on the opposite team(while occasionally healing teammates).

I can't tell you how happy I am to have found this Mod, even if it isn't finished yet, because I was so disappointed with the HL2 multiplayer aspect. I can't imagine how people enjoy CS, and HL2DM is just pure and utter crap in my eyes. I can't deal with deathmatch that doesn't even provide you with the slightest spawn protection. *shrugs* It irks me.

Anyways, I'm rooting for you guys and wish I could contribute in some more meaningful way. Alas I have not mapped since the days of Q2, and I barely made anything of worth then.
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I played a little bit of tfc 6 years ago on a dialup connection at home. It was pretty slow going though and I didn't really enjoy the lag. But I could tell it was a good game. When I started university 5 years ago, everything changed, because I now had high speed access. I did a lot of tfc and rainbow 6 pubbing. In my second year, I joined a guild called "TheClan". <tC> was basically a guild for gamers. Anyone who was a nice person could join, skills didn't matter. We have had a number of competitive tfc teams over the years. The most recent, 5150* played in tfl and ugc and ceased competing in January 2005. TheClan is still around though. You can check us out at or #theclan on We are all looking forward to Fortress Forever.

I also map a bit. I love layouts, but I'm not quite as good at texturing. Source mapping will be even more of a challenge for me because the 'pretty' factor of maps has gone way up, heh.

My favourite aspect of TFC?? When I first started it was sniping on 2fort. Those were good times. Next, I went through an engy phase where building the sg in the perfect location, preferably one no enemy would ever expect, became the goal. However, I think after 5 years of tfc, my favourite aspect would have to be concing. Concing is fairly unique in the gaming world and trying to do the double conc from battlements to battlements in maps like mulch_trench (I think thats the right one, hehe) was awesome.

My favourite map of TFC??? For this one you have to go waaaayyyy back. Betrayed has been, and always will be, my favourite tfc map. Totalwar is a close second. If you can get 32 people in a server, these maps are the best.
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Wow it's been a while...

It's been so long since I've done or considered anything HL- or TFC-related... I visited this site many many many months ago and I am still pretty excited about having something like this in HL2. But aside from that, my life has been anywhere but online gaming.

I saw this thread and I figured that I should give a shout to some of the people that I recognize from the prehistoric times: masterMAN, pud, Repair Man, What_the_Hell, and, of course, the 404 guys.

My beginning in TFC was fairly humble and unspectacular. I picked up a copy of HL in 1999 when my friend suggested that I try it out. Playing it on my computer (a Pentium 200, at the time) was very painful, but the single player still managed to completely overwhelmed me. I tried the multi-player (on one of the worst 56k connections known to man), but that never really captivated me.

I downloaded and installed TFC rather randomly one day and started goofing around. My first class was sniper and I was fairly good considering my HPBness (oh how I miss the old netcode). I pubbed quite a bit with the guys from [WTC], many of whom ended up in [SOL] - Scream Out Loud. Fast forward a little bit and I was recruited into my first real clan: [POW] - Prisoners of War. That eventually morphed into [Fe] - Full Eclipse.

My first 'big' clan, at least one that people would remember, was [LfA] - Lust for Armageddon, which I joined in 2000. I still remember that OGL title match against [ELB] - Elite Loser Boys where we won, but then Makyla (who we affectionately remember as Pakyla) got caught cheating.

I started taking over leadership as he left and we became good friends with our rival, |RE| - Rogue Element. They always used to kill us, but that started to change as we became more disciplined. By this time, I settled in as the Engineer and, when necessary, Soldier and HWGuy.

I left [LfA] shortly before they disbanded in 2001 and joined |SD| - San Dawgs. I found a real community in |SD| and it became my niche in TFC. It was with |SD| that I first started to play against the big names - 404, TDA, PF, bP, CSI, and so on - and claim a title. But that ride was fairly short as a new breed of clans with a high concentration of talent started to come forward. Interest started to fade, and |SD| died early in 2002.

I took some time off from TFC, and I made an effort to avoid top-tier competition. That all changed when PF. - Pyroclastic Flow came back again (for the third time, if I remember correctly). I also stayed with PF until the very end, which was also the end of my TFC life.

I was really, really excited when HL2 came out and rumours started to fly about a version of TFC getting ported over. I await the realization of this with bated breath
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Wait, you actually liked the old netcode better? Before the new netcode, I couldn't play as anything except the engie.

The new netcode gave me a chance against the guys with the two-digit pings- it really leveled the playing field against the people playing it at university.
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I've been playing TFC for 6 years on and off. Most of those years were spent playing on pubs for fun, and the other years I played for competition. I was in several different clans... |gsc|...[eXeL]...and a few random ones in between.. but those two are the only ones I remember. It's been a blast ever since I can remember. Can't wait for FF.
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Originally Posted by Cudweiser
Had a brief encounter with tfc again, and then got into the graphic design community. Still friends with Wilco3d, if any of you guys recognize that name?
I remember Wilco3d, he was in [HCA] I believe.
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Originally Posted by Priest
Wow...just found out about this mod...recognize some names on staff...this makes me happy.

I started playing TFC in July of '99 with a bunch of buddies at work. By September, IIRC, we wondered how far we could get in league play since we played with each other all the time, and clan -SIN- was born, founded originally by Psycho_man, Immy and me. Shortly after, our first of I think 5 original servers, -SIN-Cathedral, went up. I can't even remember the specs or the map cycle. Shortly thereafter, we played our first OGL match vs. a team called SU6, and won. 10 matches later we took our first loss to bM, but remained in the top 10.

-SIN- had it's ups and downs, and frankly, it's been too long to really recap, but as far as I know, they are still around, and still being run by an original member (and provider of our first big piece of hardware, -SIN-Alpha), Vandamaged.

Fast forward a while, and Kruunch from CE messaged me out of the blue one day on IM and asked if I would be interested in a casual play team, and I joined my 2nd and last clan, DAr`, made up of a lot of old CE players and a few from some other teams. Eventually K left (for DAoC, I believe), we started dropping members, and it just kinda fizzled. Was fun while it lasted, though.

The last time I really played seriously was the first time (last? dunno) the CPL held a money tournament for TFC. I played for Azlans second teams, WoG, and had a blast. Met a ton of people I had played with over the years, including Ecks and Dospac, and had an all around good time of it. After playing actual matches in a LAN environment, playing online seemed to pale in comparision, and I just sorta moved on to other games, but just reading about this Mod has me wanting to re-install and see if I can still tell one end of a rocket launcher from the other.

Best of luck guys...I'll be looking forward to it
Holy camolie! I haven't seen you in forever dude! Glad you are still kicking!
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Re: masterMAN

Originally Posted by Absolute Zero

If anyone remembers 'masterMAN' or Corpse-Squadron [CS], that is who I am. I started playing games back when Dark Reign was released or a little before Warcraft 1 and my friend showed me Half-Life. Besides Doom it was my first FPS game and I had been playing it shortly after it's release. After some DMing I got bored and wanted to look more on the teamwork aspect and found TFC. I have never been so addicted to a game in my life.

I'll shorten things a bit.

I played solo with one of my best friends AlphaTronics until we met Rid and Crashy and joined [CS]. I played with them for 4 years and the clan went through some heavy stuff and had some difficulty keeping things together. We were almost always the underdogs because we were a clan struggling to survive and seeing everyone come back together on here without Valve's help is just an inspiration. I have always helped out newbs and many of the newbs I helped went on to join some of the most prestigous/successful clans.
hey i remember you! ChewMaster has been on IRC many times the past few days!
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o_chad muska
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I started playing TFC in 99 (december).

My previous team : SEAL, +H+, Gods (the french one), -doGs-, FTK.

TFC is my only online game since five years. I never really liked the other game such as Q3F/ETF, CS, DOD (and MMORPG as well ). I like the teamplay, the moving, the community (even if she's not perfect, but not the worse), my little group of friends, and many stuff like that.

I hope FF will give me a lot of goods game with my friends
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I've been playing TFC for 6 years on and off. Most of those years were spent playing on pubs for fun, and the other years I played for competition. I was in several different clans... |gsc|...[eXeL]...and a few random ones in between.. but those two are the only ones I remember. It's been a blast ever since I can remember. Smile Can't wait for FF.
Sinister!!! [eXeL]...those were the days. Probably the most fun I had in my TFC career. I like to im Fade_to_blah once every couple of months and ask when he's gonna bring it back.
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Yes, SC, tis Sinister. I miss eXeL as well man , those really were the funnest times I had playing TFC. We need to come back!!! WE'LL START IT OURSELVES IF WE MUST! btw, pm me Fade's AIM sn, and yours as well please.
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I started playing TFC around late 1999 (not positive). I only played sniper on 2fort servers for like 4 months. Ironically, those were some of the most fun times I've had playing

I've been in several clans, with 404 being the latest. I could not imagine playing with a better group of guys then the 404 crew, and I hope they transition over to FF when it comes out.

Some comments for guys who never really got into TFC and/or clan scene, and are interested in clanning once FF comes out:
- I would suggest joining one with guys who you really get along with and love to play with. It is much, much more gratifying then joining an "all-star" team.
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o_miss wiggle
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I started playing TFC 5-6 years ago. It was the first fps mod I ever really got into. I've played it religiously (yes, i know this is sad) ever since, but, because of the rapid deterioration of server quality (ie flooded with bots), i've resorted to lan conc jumping to keep myself entertained.

I've been asked to be in numerous clans, and have actually joined a total of 6, but it was a rather lousy experience, so for the past 3 years, I just went solo.

At one point I joined AKA guild. That was a lot different and more enjoyable than my clan experiences.

Screen name:
Favorite classes: Medic, Sniper, engineer.
Favorite maps: Tanis, Badlands, Warpath, Well, and a lot of other obscure ones that I can't remember.
Real Name: Becky
Age: 19
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