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A FortressForever fanfiction

Alright folks, I personally think a good step for a game (and it's community) is to have either a plot, either some fanfiction. Now I know that a story may be completely unnecessary and sometimes even quite silly (*cough*tf2*cough*), but hey, it's a part of the charm, no? Anyway, here is a story I made for FF (still unfinished)

  • The "Civilian" - Gualtiero Malaparte
  • The Engineer - Emanuele Leone
  • The Spy - Osamu
  • The “Soldier” – Vladislav Dragomir (RU)
  • The “Pyro” – Andrei Mocanu (RO)
  • The “HWGuy” – George Halstein (US)
  • The “Demoman” – Aleksey Dragomir (RU)
  • The “Scout” – Hector Ekaitz (ES)
  • The “Sniper” – Artur (UNKWN)
  • The “Medic” - Unknown (AR)
Chapter 1: Gathering the team

Gualtiero Malaparte, the leader of a great organization with it’s headquerters in Palermo, Italy is having a meeting with one of his agents. Signor Malaparte and his organization were far away from the eyes of the public, few people realising they even exist. However something seems to be cooking out there and it looks like people won’t be able to remain as neutral about Malaparte and it’s organization as they were till today.

Agent: “What do you intend signore Malaparte?”
Gualtiero Malaparte: “Dustbowl Valley, this is where it begins.”
Agent: “Why exactly Dustbowl Valley? Nobody has interest in that zone anymore, it’s a ghost city.”
Malaparte: “A ghost city, right in the hearth of the West, with nobody on our steps, what can be better? We set up small bases in small towns. Casabah, Dustbowl Valley they are perfect. Nobody will bother us there till we are ready.”
Agent: “I think I got were you are going, signore.”
Malaparte: “Good! Now all we need to do is find the settlers.”
Agent: “Should we send team Alpha? They are the best we have right now.”
Malaparte: “Absolutely not. I have other plans for our current teams, we need to assemble a new one, fresh meat. Something dynamic.”
Agent: “Dynamic?”
Malaparte: “Yes, dynamic. Different attributes, different personality. Our current teams were programmed well, they all think the same. 1 mind in at least 10 bodies. Good job, but this won’t work. If we send them there, they may be able to set something, but not capable of keeping it. I’m talking about empires here and every empires needs a strong base.”
Agent: “What sould we start with?”
Malaparte: “In a previous meeting I had, we discussed the structure of this new crew. 9 recruits, here are the roles.”
Agent: “Scout, soldier… where are we going to search for these ones?”
Malaparte: “All over the place, I managed to find some people capable of serving us, I’ll assign every agent the mission to bring one of them here. For you, it’s an easy task.” Said Malaparte while slipping a folder.


Priest: “And we shouldn’t ask God why our life was or is so hard. We should ask God to help us build a better life for our sons and daugthers. We should show God that we are willing to sacrifice our life and happines for the sake of the future generations, so that they may have a better and more peaceful life than we had. Because only then, we show God how worthy we are, to be get a peaceful nad joyful afterlife.”

Emanuele Leone just attended the liturgy and was walking home. It was a nice night, no disturbing sounds, streets were empty and he felt just better himself after going to church. He was a 40 years old man, living by himself in a small howse downtown. Nobody know if he had family, nobody ever visited him, but he was the town’s mechanic. He is quite talented at his job and other people say there is nothing he can’t fix or even create.
Emanuele just arrived home, ate some modest dinner, with cheese, bread and a glass of water then he rested in his chair, then suddenly he heard someone knocking at his door.

: “Signore Leone, are you home?”
Leone: “Ugh God, what is it now.”
Agent: “Oh, ciao signore, do you have a minute to talk?”
Leone: “If it’s about getting something repaired, better come tomorrow morning, I’m not in the mood right now.”
Agent: “Oh, it’s not about that, I just wanted to discuss something with you.”
Leone: “Ugh? Okay go ahead.”
Agent: “How is life here, in Avanti, segnore?”

That question made Emanuele be a bit suspicious about the stranger who came in the night at his house. He knows that man is up to something, but he tought that it may probably be just another guy with offers of buying a fancy house near the sea or mountain side.

Leone: “Fine, I guess. Living by myself and people only come here for my services, but I guess a simple and peaceful living is the best kind of living.”
Agent: “Indeed it is, but wouldn’t you be more interested in getting a more captivating job?”
Leone: “Nah, not really. Why would I want to?”
Agent: “Well to begin with, I noticed you have a quite big knoweledge of weapons and machines, but have nothing to certify that. I dug deeper into your profile and it says you attended a mechanical university, but never finished it, so probably that’s the reason you are living this life.”
Leone: “I’m not interesting of working with weapons and yes I attended an university and finished it. Have full competences over my domain, just that I don’t get recognized for it.”
Agent: “I see. And you really wouldn’t like a better life?”
Leone: “Are you saying, I’m not living a good life?”
Agent: “Not necessary you, signore Leone.”

Emanuele was now a bit confused. What did the strange want to say with “not necesarry him”? If not him, then who?

Agent: “You have a daughter, don’t you, segnore Leone?”

Signore Leone was now obviously unconfortable. Nobody knew he had a daughter, and furthermore he didn’t hear from his daughter for years.

Leone: “Yes…but haven’t heard from her in years, hard to believe she knows I exist.”
Agent: “She doesn’t. She only knows that her “papa” is missing. But she doesn’t know who is her “papa”. Don’t you want to tell her?”
Leone: “I….I’d wish too” said in a sad voice.
Agent: “Then you have the change, signore Leone. I’m searching for one of the best engineers avaible and you are the head of the list.”
Leone: “What exactly do you want me to do?”
Agent: “You’ll find out soon. For now, I can tell you it involves weapons and supplying. But don’t worry, if your job is satisfactory, you will earn enough money to create a better life for your daughter, maybe buy a better house and live with her here, in Avanti?”
Leone: “Where is she now?”
Agent: “She is fine, she signed up for a school and got meal and a warm place to sleep from it, for now. But anyway, are we ready to begin, signore Leone?”
Agent: “Yes, signore. And please from now on, call me Emanuele”.


Director: “As you can see, the SpySuit MKIIb has the “cloack” option which makes user invisible. However it’s still a prototype and the “cloack” option can make the user entirely invisible only if it stands still. While moving, the user remains camouflaged, but a good eye will always spot him. Also the new stealth system has proven itself quite fragile, so any major bumps will most likely expose the user. Like the SpySuit MKI, the MKIIb model can “steal” an enemies apparance so you can infiltrate easier in a hostile environment.”
Agent #2: “It’s actually impresitive, but why MKIIb, do you have another MKII suit?”
Director: “Yes, we do have an MKII, however the b-version has a more advanced stealth option. MKII would simply make the user hard-to-see, while the MKIIb not only covers the user entirely when standing still, but it triggers a “feign death” mechanism when the cloack is activated. So in case you are discovered and attacked by an enemy, the user can activate the clock, cover himself in the environment and the “feign death” mechanism will give the enemy the impression that you were killed, so they will no longer search for you.”
Agent #2: “That’s a really impresitive piece of work, sir.”
Director: “I hope it’s good enough for Gualtiero’s tastes. Speaking of him, what is he doing?”
Agent #2: “Signore Malaparte has been busy with work nowadays. He sent some of us to aquire the necessary equipment, materials and working force.”
Director: “Ah, must be some of his plans. Well best of luck to him. Anyway, did anything from my company catch your eye.”
Agent #2: “Yes, what you showed me now is exactly what I was looking for. I’ll buy.”
Director: “The SpySuit MKIIb? Excelent choice!”
Agent #2: “Both of them, not only the suit.”
Director: “Both?”

The agent points to the man down in the testing area.

Agent #2: “Your seems to have some nice skills with that suit.”
Director: “Osamu? Yes he is quite a capable man. Not the best I have, but cleary he is one of those Gualtiero is looking for. Hang on, I’ll call him there.”

The director calls Osamu over the intercom. The man shows right in his office quite quickly and didn’t ask any question. Instead he is standing in front of his boss, waiting orders.

Director: “Osamu-san, do you see this man standing next to you? He was quite impressed by your presentation today and would like to make you an offer.”
Agent #2: “You seem a quite well-trained individual, Osamu. I’m looking to assemble a team and your presentation today, down in the testing area left me the impression that you are the one I’m looking for. Do you have any skills as a spy?”
Osamu: “Yes, I got a special training, the equivalent of Japanese Military. I’m quite familiar with weapons, stealth and aquiring information”.
Agent #2: “What about assasination?”
Osamu: “Never thought it was necessary. I have no experience in that domain, but if it’s require there is nothing I can’t learn.”
Agent #2: “Very good. I think a man like you will be quite useful to our team. Now anyway, prepare to leave, Osamu. I’ll make the documents with your director and will pick you right away.”
Osamu: “Arigatou gozaimasu.”

Osamu bows down in front of the agent and leaves the room.

Agent #2: “It’s way too polite. He makes me a bit suspicious.”
Director: “Nothing to really worry about, sir. Osamu is trained quite well, he will follow any orders you give as long as you are his superior. Wouldn’t wish for you to go under his command though.”
Agent #2: “Well, I guess it’s up to me for now on”.


After being picked up from Japan, Osamu is on the airplane with the agent sent to enrole him. Apparently, he has something prepared for him, but he was tought to execute and command and not ask until it is already done, or in some cases, not ask at all.

Agent #2: “It’s time for a first job now, Osamu”.
Osamu: “Glad, to help, what it is about.”
Agent #2: “Gathering working force.”
Osamu: “Okay, what am I supposed to do?”
Agent #2: “You will see in a moment.”


Commander Vladislav: “I cannot believe what kind of shit troopers they gave me. None of them handled the mission. None of them handled the environment. Hell none of them, handled the equimpent, they broke it. Now survaiving pidas are running away. Well may wolves meet them on the way.”

Commander Vladislav was incredibly angry. He was sent to investigate something suspicious in some south-siberian village and eliminate any danger, yet none of his men could handle the assingment. His crew was primary new troops, from southern and warmer cities nearing border with Georgia, seemed they weren’t prepared enough.

Vladislav: “Well, if you want to do something good, you have to do it yourself”. Says him while holding a missle launcher.

Suddenly he feels something poking him and some dizzyness installing. He turns his look away and spots Osamu holding a pistol and the Agent.

Vladislav: “WHAT THE FUCK, UGHH I WILL SHOVE YOUR HEAD UP TO YOUR PARTNER’S ASS” says him visibly furious while trying to punch Osamu.

The japanese shoots again, making the commander even more dizzier and slowing his movements. Third shot made Vladislav pass away.
After he slowly woke up, the soldier found himself in a cabin, tied up with Osamu and the Agent looking at him.

Agent #2: “So, you are Vladislav Dragomir, no? I’ve got a work offer to you.”
Vladislav: “And my fist has an offer for your face” says he as he aggresively tries to get off the chair.
Agent #2: “I must decline, sorry, but I ask you to listen. Now as far as I know, you serve the army, or so it is claimed, as in reality you are a part of some Russian militia, with no true role in military operation”.

At this point Vladislav breaks free from the chair and is about to punch the agent, Osamu gets his tranquillisant ready and is about to shoot.

Agent #2: “Hold, Osamu, no shooting yet.”
Vladislav: “My troops are assigned for motherland protection, what the “official army” does, we don’t care, we defened our country”.
Agent #2: “Ah yes, last defenders of the Soviet Union, one of the last people to think it is still alive, well anyway not here to poke fun at you and your *cough*-army, but here is a thing. Most of the troops the officials sent you are newbies that fail on easy missions, basically you are cleaning their dust, that’s about it. Wouldn’t you want to do something, that doesn’t involve cleaning other’s shit?
Vladislav: “IDI NAHUI BLYAT! (go fuck yourself)”

Vladislav couldn’t control himself any longer and decided to shut the agent’s mouth up. The agent makes a sign to Osamu and he shoots a projectile, paralysing Vladislav.
Vladislav: “Ugh, drugs, how pathetic.” Says him while laying on the ground.
Agent #2: “Your biggest problem, Vladislav, is that I won’t return to my superior empty-handed, which, in other words, I am not accepting your refuse.”
Vladislav: “Huh, you are willing to hire someone who hates you and won’t follow your orders, thought you were looking for compatible guys for the job.”
Agent #2: “The fact that we are here right now means you are the most compatible man of all. Whenether you want or not to follow my orders, is part two. In fact you do not have to follow my orders, just…”
Vladislav: “I’m not following anyone’s orders, except the superiors from motherland defense.”
Agent #2: “How sweet, the guys that only assign you joke commarades and just send you to remove some tumours that aren’t really big deal, you are doing a stellar job out there, keep it up!”
Vladislav: “Ugh…nu sve, tebe pizda (that’s it, you’re fucking dead)”
Agent #2: “Now since you know I’m not leaving here without you, let me explain how your work will go so you can probably accept and I won’t have to bring you to our base drugged. Don’t worry there won’t be any long shit Terms of Service, I already know you won’t accept and won’t follow any of them.”
Vladislav: “I’m not working for you.”
Agent #2: “You are correct! You are not working for me. Now anyway, since you are already used to command newbies, you will be assigned to train and order a team of 8 people, rest of it will be taking missions from my superior.”
Vladislav: “Fuck you, I won’t be turning my country down.”
Agent #2: “You aren’t serving it anyway, just getting the impression. You are just a janitor, people won’t notice your absence, in fact hardly to say they even know you exist.

Vladislav moans angrily as he is trying to fight the numbness from the drug Osamu administered.

Agent #2: “You know it’s true. You don’t want to believe me it’s true. But you know it is. I understand your anger, but just consider doing something that people would actually consider your work valuable and…”
Vladislav: “Can it, I’m in.” says it with a saddened voice as he is slowly getting up from the ground. “But if your so called team is worse than the pida’s they sent me I’ll butcher the hell out of all of you and your colleagues”.
Agent #2: “Won’t be the case, you’re sitting next to one of your trainees right now.”

The commander looks with disgust at Osamu. The one that drugged him twice is one of the men he is supposed to train and fight with. He slowly leaves, following the agent to the airplane. Osamu is coldly following them without saying anything. Nobody could get the slightest feeling or emotion from Osamu, behind the suit, not that he had any feelings. He was tought to follow and obey, not question or feel.


George Halstein – “Gee, that was one hell of a day. Gotta get myself some beer”.

George Halstein is a farmer living with his family in Farmington, New Mexico. He is a solid dude, able to carry a buffalo with just one hand, but nothing bothers or annoys him. He finds working at farm pretty relaxing, here, near nature, with the people he loves. Would enjoy some more action in his life though.
George grabs a beer from the fridge and sits in his armchair watching a film. Suddenly he hears some knocking at his door.

George: “Huh? It’s 9 in the evening, who can it be?”
He goes to open the door and he sees a man in a suit.
Agent #3: “Good evening, sir. Are you mr. George Halstein?”
George: “Yeah, that’s me, why?”
Agent #3: “I have something to discuss with you, can I come in?”

George is a little bit surprised about the visitor, not much people come around here, but he never turns people away if they want to discuss something.

George: “Sure, come on in.”

They both go into the living room and sit down.
George: “Would you like some beer or anything?”
Agent #3: “Ugh no, thanks. Well anyway I would first want to ask you something, George. How do you find the life around here.”
George: “Pretty good, we work, we eat, we survive, things are pretty damn simple around, could be better though”.
Agent #3: “I understand, and I guess you would want a little more things moving around? Some more action, no?”

George understood the man wanted to offer him a job. He couldn’t deny he wanted some more tension in his life, but he loved things at the farm.

Agent #3: “Ok, I won’t hold you much longer. We are looking to assemble a crew to fight for various things and our researches show you are one of the best men we can get, believe it or not. I’m here to get your answer and then take you to our base for further training.”

George thinks a little bit. Why would they want a simple farm man to do their job? There are plently of young, athlete men or smart students that are looking for a job, why exactly him?

George: “What does this job imply?”
Agent #3: “Basic things. Formal army-like training, scouting, claiming and defending several areas we request and following orders and given mission from the headquerters.”
George: “I cannot simply leave my family and the whole farm behind.”
Agent #3: “Your family can handle the situation out there with no stress at all. You can inform them about your departure and as soon as you are ready we can leave.”
George: “Can I get more information?”
Agent #3: “Additional information will be provided at our central base.”
George: “Can I atleast know where that is.”

As he is preparing to leave, the agent handles George some papers to sign and heads to the door. Before going outside he turns his head to George and says:

Agent #3: “Italy. When you are ready to go, announce me and bring me the papers.”

George calmly takes the papers and goes upstairs to finish his beer. The next day he tells his family about is “journey” to Italy and meets the agent he is supposed to go with.


The Medic: “How is the patient responding to the new drug?”
Nurse: “He is responding very well, his state is visibly better, but what did you do?”

The Medic doesn’t answer, he coldly responds with “Glad to hear, see you tomorrow” as he puts on his jacket and leaves. There are 5 degrees outside, the average temperature for southern hemisfere winter, at least, in his region. He goes straight to his aparment and locks the door. He is satisified for the new working drug, but he cannot be happy about it.
Without anyone knowing, he was responsible for infecting the patient with a nasty disease, himself making both the disease and the drug for it. He didn’t have any plans to create a plague, nor make money from his drugs. He did it for himself, for his own enjoyment, though making the disease and the antidote for it costed him the lifes of some of his patients.

The Medic made himself a true lab in one of his rooms, after all he didn’t have many visitors. He had all sorts of equipment and substances, but missed subjects, preffering to test them directly on his “patients”.
Exhausted after today’s work, he has a poor dinner and goes straight to bed. In the morning, when he wakes up, he hears footsteps outside. Sounds always made him anxious, he had a feeling that his experiments will suddenly turn bad so he was permanently alert and watching the door.
He approaches the door and peeks to see if there is anyone outside. He spots one lady dressed in a black dress with a suitcase. She is the nurse from yesterday.

Medic: “God damn, I knew it. They caught me.” Says himself quietly. He sobs and sits down against the wall. “Bloody hell”.
Lady: “Open up, I know you are there”
Medic: “Shit, can’t let her in, she’ll surely bring friends.”
Lady: “You can’t just stay in there, open up. I have to talk something with you.

Panicked, the medic didn’t know what to do. Trying not too look too suspicious in case it was nothing, he just put all his equimpent in the “lab room” and locked it up. Then went to the door trying to appear as calm as he could.

Medic: “Oh, hello there. Come on in, excuse the mess”.
Lady: “How are you today, sir?”

From her tone, he could tell something was up. He knew it one day, someone would catch up and know that he is playing around with the patients’s health.

Lady: “All sweat up and shaking, I can tell. You need to learn to be more discreet. Don’t worry, I didn’t come here to arrest you.”
Medic: “Then what do you want?”
Lady: “Since you asked me so nicely, I’ll go straight to the subject. Your work caught the eye of my superiors and I’m here to offer you a job. Stable and stuff, won’t have to worry about cops anymore.”
Medic: “I’m not creating diseases for anyone, don’t want to participate in any kind of genocide.”
Lady: “Then don’t do it. You seem a pretty damn good medic and a smart enough micro-biologist, I think you will enjoy working with shit around there.”
Medic: “I refuse. Thank you for the effort anyway”.
Lady: “Hm, thought so. Well here are things all clean: I didn’t came here for a refuse. Either you come with me, either stay there and deal with the police. I’ve got all your files and documents from the hospital. Your identity is in my hands.”

At this point, the medic felt like falling appart. He was caught in a one way tunel and couldn’t do anything about it. He accepted the lady’s offer and packed the necesarry things for leaving.

Lady: “Don’t worry about your little lab. My man will take kind care of it in your absence. I guarantee not even one spider will touch anything from here”.

He looks confused at her while seeing his mean sealing the door. He just hopes at this point, he won’t have to deal with a hell worse than getting caught by the police.


A police car is rushing on a road, inside it there is a mad dressed like a fire fighter looking outside. He is destroyed by the fact that police caught him while trying to start a fire on a comercial centre, after all, he needed a job and there weren’t any recent fires.

Andrei Mocanu: “Uh, fir-ar-dracu’ (damn it).”
Officer: “Out of bussiness, huh? Next time do better” says the officer mocking Andrei. “Kinda played with fire out there boy.”

The fireman didn’t want to say anything, it was idiotic to start a fire, let alone in a comercial centre, but besides doing it for having a job, he enjoyed it. Since he was little he enjoyed watching things burn, even more, he once wished to burn every single one of his classmates after being bullied around. Seems like the pain didn’t end at all.

The police car is stopped somewhere outside the town entrace by some people, apparently other cops.
Officer: “The hell is going on” he screams angrily while getting out of his car. Two men pull him away and one shoots him. They both take him to a van and one drives it away, the other one gets in the police car and drives away.

Andrei: “What’s going on?”
Agent: “It’s doing this for your sake son, don’t ask much right now.”

The sits there silently wondering what’s going to happen next. The agent drives to the local Airport and orders Andrei to follow him. They both go in a restroom, where the agent tells him to change his clothes.

Agent: “Stay near me and we will get out of there quick”.
After changing the clothes, they both leave the restroom and board a small plane. A bit scared, Andrei didn’t want to keep it any longer and asked.

Andrei: “What is going on?”
Agent: “Getting you out of here, you’re going to work for us from now on. Unless you preffer going with the police”.

Confused if he should feel scared or reliefed, Andrei was visibly shocked and couldn’t hardly control himself.

Agent: “Don’t worry boy, we are not going to hurt you, you will find some relief once we arrive at your new home.”
Andrei: “What about the officer you murdered? What about everyone? Will nobody follow us?”
Agent: “Don’t worry, our men are working on everything, also nobody was murdered, we just drugged him. Most likely he won’t remember today’s events.”


Agent: “Getting really tired of this shit. Gathering a bunch of no names worldwide just because our man are too well-trained and standard for signore fancy-hats. Hopefully my last stop, otherwise the next team member will arrive in a coffin.”

July 6, everyone is here to see the famour bull running from Pamplona. Among the participants there is a young man. His body betrays the fact that he doesn’t really do sport, nor keeps a ballanced diet, yet he is way more faster than many other participants.

Assistant: “Who’s the target?”
Agent: “That boy. We talk to him, we pick him, we go home. I’m done with everything.”
Assistant: “Not a really impressitive force, in my opinion, there seem to be people stronger than him and in a way better condition.”
Agent: “There are, but that’s not the point, look at him. While he is not the best runner around, he is damn fast, plus he also uses his brain a bit.”
Assistant: “Uh?”
Agent: “Look, almost end of the race and he almost didn’t sweat at all. Others than started powerfully got exhausted at the half and gave up or ended last. He maintains controlled and constant movements, so not much energy is consumed. We need people that also think, not brute force. If Malaparte wanted brutes, we wouldn’t be leaving Palermo in the first place.”
Assistant: “Got it.”

The race is over. The young man, Hector Ekaitz finished fifth, so he wasn’t really a speedrunner, but for him it’s good enough. The two men approach him as he is getting away from the crowd.

Agent: “Greetings, you are Hector, I presume”
Hector: “Yes, why?”
Agent: “Would you bother to discuss something really quick? It’s about a job”.

Still being a student and looking forward to earn some money, Hector quickly showed interest in the offer. Much to the two men’s surprise, it was the easiest enrollement they made.

Agent: “Perfect. Pack your baggage and my assistant will pick you as soon as you are ready to leave.

“Sweet day today” tought the agent as he was leaving. “Going to get myself some days off, I’m sick of this job”.

Chapter 2: Dinner togheter

Agent: “Well, team is done. Now signore, I’d like to take a few days off”.
Malaparte: “Excelent job out there, your team gathered what I was looking for, but we still miss the Sniper and Demo positions.”
Agent: “Ugh, no we have those.”
Malaparte: “Really? The sent agents didn’t retrieve any.”
Agent: “Agent #2 gathered a man for the demo position when he was in Russia. Apparently the soldier guy has a brother, Aleksey, that was enrolled with him. They both were serving that so called “army”.”
Malaparte: “And sniper?”
Agent: “We assigned Artur from team Gamma. He seems the good guy for the job.”
Malaparte: “My orders were…”
Agent: “Yes, to gather the best compatible men. Artur and Aleksey are both excelent as reviwed by my crew. Further searching is unnecesarry, signore. Now please, may I leave?”
Malaparte: “Yes, yes, enjoy yor days off.”

Gualtiero was visibly disturbed by the fact that his agents made adaptations from his orders instead of following them like they were supposed to do. However he was quite satisfied that he gathered his team and they can start right away, or so to say.
Signor Malaparte left his office and went down to the living quarters of their base. The new arrived members were settling in ther rooms and unpacking. Much to their surprise, the complex wasn’t what they expected. The way the agent described it, the base is mostly a boot camp. Instead they were on a quite beautiful city in Sicillia, with a somewhat luxorious base equiped with last-generation technology. Each of them got their own, small apartment. In essence they were small, dark rooms with a bed, a toilet and a small storage room.
Malaparte arrived at the living quarters and stopped by a terminal along the hallway. HE pressed a button, playing a short alarm sound to get everyone’s attention. Every member then left their rooms to see what it’s happening.

Malaparte: “Greetings. My name is Gualtiero Malaparte, I am the overseer of the whole base and at the same time, the leader of the team. You will reffer to me as “signor Malaparte” and will follow my orders by doing exactly what I say and not asking anything, not even “how are you?” or “what’s the weather”. I or any of my agents will give you any information you need. You only need what they tell you. If they didn’t tell you anything, then in that case it’s irrelevant to you and you do not need to know. You are assigned now to team Fortress and each of you start with the rank of private, the lowest rank new members get. Depending on your results you will increase or not in rank. Training starts tomorrow, for now make yourself home and tonight you are invited to take dinner into the fest hall. That’s all for now. Dismissed.”

Nobody showed a sign of disturbance. Osamu was already familiar with this kind of discipline, so for him it was like behind home. Everyone else expected some hard work and yells from superiors the days to come, but given the fact that they were so kindly welcomed and even more, invited to a dinner at the fest hall (not many other teams or members had this privillege) made them feel more comfortable. Only one man was about to start a storm, Vladislav.

Aleksey: “Calm down brother, it’s a matter of protocol, nobody will make you kiss their feet.”
Vladislav: “They won’t. But I don’t want them living with this impression either. This base is a joke, I wouldn’t be surprised to find out all the shitheads they sent me were trained here.
Aleksey: “Just, don’t do it again, please. Maybe you will find your peace here, wait for the dinner at least”.
Vladislav: “Out of all people, you are the last one to tell me that.”

Vladislav went to his room and loudly closed the door. Aleksey understood what he was reffering by saying he was the last man to talk to him about finding peace. He gently puts his hand on his eyepatch, reminding him of his past and then sobbingly goes to his room.

At the dinner things go almost smoothly, everyone is laughing and enjoying, meeting each other and make toasts. The medic is a little bit anxious about everything, hardly speeks with anyone, but is willing to make conversation. Osamu keeps his discipline and is the targed of everyone’s else jokes. George is enjoying the meal, having never eaten such expensive before, Aleksey and Hector are mainaining the athmosphere with anecdotes, yet again one man was not happy. After finishing his meal, quicker than everyone else, Vladislav politely wished everyone a good night and went to his room.

Hector: “What’s the matter with him, did he get the japanese flu from the spy guy?”
Nobody really laughed at that joke, they knew something was up with Vladislav, but wouldn’t bother asking him. Who knows what nuclear war could he start.

George: “Ugh hey guys, wanna go to the caffe room in the living quarters and discuss more? It’s a bit loudy here.”
Everyone seemed to agree. They continued laughing and enjoyed the meal and then after everyone was done quickly went to the caffee room and brought beer with them.

George: “Now that we are here, let’s get to know each other, if we are going to work togheter, that’s the first step.”
Emanuele: “I agree, we shouldn’t work with tension between us. We should all be friends here, bet nobody else is actually going to keep friendly with us from this camp. Anyway, let’s start. What can you tell us about yourself, George?”
George: “Nothing much, really. Been born in New Mexico, attended school and latter university, then found my joyness in farming. I never really liked complex things such as sciences, nor fancy pants stuff like literature. I keep it simple. How about you?”
Emanuele: “About the same. Been born somewhere out there. Attended the Bologna University and finished with a doctor’s degree in mechanical engineering. Tought I will get everything with that diplom, yet I got nothing. Been pushed around all my childhood and after university things didn’t exactly change. Retreated myself to Avanti. Pretty small and calm village, people don’t talk much to you, but the peace and quiet of it is enjoyable.”
George: “Do you have family?”

Emanuele seemed disturbed. He just reminded of his daughter. He only knew she existed, but haven’t saw her since she was 6. Her mother left them soon after she was born and since then she took care of her. Hoped she would become an engineer too, but not follow his entire life, with all the bullying and ending in a small shack. After being 6 years old, he signed her for a school in Bologna, were she could learn and interract with other children. Everything seemed fine, but after she left, he never heard from her again.
Everyone else understood the situation was complicated and were satisfied with his silence, nobody asked anything further. Stories continued to flow, Hector sumarising life in Spain and his college life, which is almost every average-lazy-student’s life. Osamu presented the culture of Japan and his experience at the corporation he was working for, the Medic visibly hesitated relating anything about his life. In the end he confessed about his experiments, still not giving away his identity. Everyone just ended calling him “medic”, “doc” or in Hector’s case “hombre”. Andrei related everything about his childhood in Romania, the traditions and taking pride in their wine. In the end, everyone felt relaxed with each other.

Hector: “What about the freak from the dinner? Is he with us?”
Aleksey: “He is my brother, he…he just had rough times”
Emanuele: “That just can’t be it. Something actually happened with him”
Aleksey: “Long story. In short form: he was bullied a lot as a kid. We were born in Ukraine when it was still in the USSR, then our parents decided to move near Moscow for better conditions. We weren’t exactly treated kind by others.”
Andrei: “Ugh? Thought you slavs are pretty close to each other.”
Aleksey: “Not exactly. My brother was born in ’70, I was born 5 years later. We were close to each other, but school years were extremly rough, especially for him.”
Emanuele: “Huh? Why?”
Aleksey: “Altough everyone knew we were brothers, I was a part of the cool guys, or so to say and the rest of them just picked up Vladislav. At that point everyone was poking fun of his weight and generally his entire being. He was always the shirt-always-tucked-in guy and people generally didn’t like him for reasons. He barely talked with anyone. At some point all this hate exploded and he couldn’t hold it much longer.
Emanuele: “What happened?”
Aleksey: “Caught the guy he hated the most and hit him with an axe. Brutally murdered the kid in front of everyone, the troubles come.”
Andrei: “At what happened to you?|

Aleksey touches his eyepatch again and sobs.

Aleksey: “Continued my path on the wrong side, caught myself in some circles and didn’t end well, when things were going too rough got myself a grenade and throwed at the gang that was after me. Badly injured them, but a piece from the nade hit my eye and so it had to be removed. Since then I tried to calm myself. Can’t say the same thing about Vlad though.”
Hector: “Man.”

Everyone sat in silence then. They understood everyone got his dark times and problems so everyone tried to not make the living worse for each other. Just, they need to be careful with Vlad.

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This concept definitely has potential. I don't know if you are a writer, or just someone with a decent imagination looking to give fan-fiction a try.... but I've done several fan-fictions, and have some works published. I have a ton of spare time, so I'll let the idea percolate in the back of my mind, and see if I can come up with something also.

Done right, we could also turn this into a video clip.
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Thanks for the feedback. I'm no writer, but some ideas just simply fly in my mind sometimes and I think it's a shame to waste them.
I'm usually writing it on a word document before publishing on forums (that's why some parts of the text are not stylised.) If you wish I can send you the doc after I finish so we can do a little polish.

Been thinking about doing some SFM videos also, if I don't get lost with other things.

11/05/2015 EDIT

Finished the gathering the team part and a small knowing each other chapters.

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