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The E3 2010 Thread

I'm actually surprised there wasn't a thread on this earlier. Anyway, here's some stuff you might want to know if you plan on following any E3 info. Some of the conferences are over already though.

E3 unofficially starts today with the big moments and announcements from the Press Conferences.

YouTube (IGN Partnership):
G4TV Online:
Xbox (UK):
Konami (Registration Required):

E3 Live Stream Schedule

The E3 live stream will take place on the following times. All times are, of course, subject to change.
All times are Pacific (PDT), E3 is in California afterall.

9:30AM -- 6:30PM
- 10:30 AM Microsoft Media Briefing
- 2:00 PM EA Media Briefing
- 5:00 PM Ubisoft Media Briefing

8:30AM -- 5:30PM
- 9:00 AM Nintendo Media Briefing
- 12:00 PM Sony Media Briefing
- 1:00 PM TBA (To Be Announced)
- 1:20 PM TBA
- 1:40 PM TBA
- 2:00 PM Microsoft Xbox 360 Demo (TBA)
- 2:20 PM Microsoft Xbox 360 Demo (TBA)
- 2:40 PM Ubisoft Demo (TBA)
- 3:00 PM Crysis 2
- 3:20 PM Ubisoft Demo (TBA)
- 3:40 PM Star Wars: The Force Unleashed 2
- 4:00 PM Madden NFL 11
- 4:20 PM Sony Move - Tiger Woods PGA Tour 11
- 4:40 PM NCAA Football 11
- 5:00 PM EA Sports MMA
- 5:20 PM Assassin's Creed: Brotherhood
- 5:40 PM Halo: Reach

10AM -- 7PM
- To Be Announced

10AM -- 7PM
- To Be Announced

The Press Conferences

Microsoft Press Conference
- Call of Duty: Black Ops DLC timed-exclusive to 360.
- Metal Gear Solid: Rising cutscene & gameplay demo.
- Project Natal renamed Kinect.
- Crytek partnered with Microsoft.
- Gears of War 3 gameplay demo shown.
- Halo Reach gameplay demo shown.
- Fable 3 trailer shown. Release date October 26th.
- Kinect controller-less demo shown using hands and voice for Zune movies, video chat (Video Kinect).
- ESPN for 360 announced, also using Kinect.
- Kinectimals gameplay shown. Kids animal interactivity game.
- Kinect Sports gameplay shown. Think "Wii Sports" for 360. Soccer, bowling, track and field, table tennis, boxing, volleyball.
- Kinect Joyride racing game using invisible steering wheel with your hands.
- Kinect Adventures! a human platformer? Similar to Mario?
- Your Shape: Fitness Evolved Third party exercise/fitness title from Ubisoft.
- Dance Central the next music game from Harmonix using Dance w/ Kinect.
- Kinect dated November 4th in North America. 15 Kinect titles at launch.
- Star Wars on Kinect in 2011.
- Forza Motorsport on Kinect in 2011.
- Xbox 360 Slim 250gb HD + wifi built in for $299. On sale now.

Electronic Arts Press Conference
- Need For Speed: Hot Pursuit remade / sequel by Criterion (Burnout series). Gameplay demo shown. Looks pretty awesome.
- Dead Space 2 gameplay shown with new environments and creatures. Pretty creepy creatures too. Demo continues tomorrow at the Sony conference.
- Medal of Honor next in the series is modern warfare style. Gameplay looks like a combo of Bad Company 2 and Modern Warfare 2. Looks good. Beta goes live on June 21st for PC, PS3, and X360.
- EA Gun Club EA's new initiative to reward EA first-person shooter players with extra guns, unlocks, early beta access, etc - Medal of Honor beta access June 17th with Gun Club.
- Battlefield Bad Company 2: Vietnam expansion for Bad Company 2 announced, coming 2011, no other details.
- EA Sports MMA the new MMA fighting game by EA, sporting pretty much every fighter they could get that's not in the UFC.
- EA Sports Live Broadcast Sort of like Versus fan cam stuff. Make your fighter, hype your self up with a video, and hopefully get picked for matches.
- EA Sports Active 2 is going multiplatform with the Wii, PS3, and X360 using Kinect.
- Madden 11 was shown off by Peter Moore and Joe Montana of 49ers fame. Shows off some changes to plays and playbooks. 3v3 player online, etc.
- The Sims 3 coming to X360, PS3, Wii, and DS in the fall.
- Crysis 2 gameplay demo shown on X360 hardware. Game looks great and gameplay looks intense. Crytek is also adopting 3D w/ Crysis 2 on PS3, X360, and PC.
- Bulletstorm from EA, Epic Games, and People Can Fly. Gameplay is a very intense fast paced shoot-em-up crackfest. Looks really, really fun. Also, love the voice work by Steve Blum.
- Star Wars: The Old Republic from Bioware and LucasArts, PvP announcements made with Alderaan being a major PvP hub of some sort. New, epic cinematic shown off with narration by the venerable Kevin Michael Richardson and it ends with the Star Wars equivalent to the Kamehameha.

Ubisoft Press Conference
- Child of Eden - Tetsuya Mizuguchi (Rez)'s new game demo'd. Uses 360's Kinect.
- Assassin's Creed Brotherhood - Trailer shown off. Dated November 11th. Gameplay demo shown with combat changes, increased AI agression, and multiplayer w/ assassins vs templars.
- Shaun White Skateboarding - Trailer and Gameplay demo shown. Showing off some of the new elements such as environment morphing/shaping.
- Battle Tag - Some sort of real-life shooter that's a combo of lazer tag and a PC game?
- Innergy - Some sort of health-based game? Uses a sort of vitality sensor to play the game.
- Your Shape: Fitness Evolved - Almost the exact same demo as shown at the Microsoft Conference, except it's showing some of the underlying features such as multiplayer challenges and stats updates to facebook and stuff.
- Raving Rabbids Travel In Time - Coming later this year? To the Wii.
- Ghost Recon: Future Soldier - Trailer and gameplay demo shown. Looks very stealthy, and combat can get intense if you blow your stealth.
- Driver: San Francisco - "Going back to the roots" with some characters from the first and second games. Gameplay demo shown, and damn it looks nice.
- Project Dust - Some sort of adventure thriller title that deals with elemental balance in a mystical world? Pretty interesting. Title is only temporary and will change closer to release.
- Rayman Origins - A new side-scroller in the rayman universe. Nice that they're finally revisiting the series.
- MotionSports - Wii Sports, EA Sports Active, and now Ubisoft has entered the arena of an all-in-one sports game.
- U-Play - A new platform for user created content? Not really explained very well.
- TrackMania - Made into some sort of new community hub dubbed "ManiaPlanet" which houses "TrackMania" (racing), "ShootMania" (shooters), and "QuestMania" (RPGs).
- Michael Jackson's This Is It performers end the conference with some on-stage dancing.

Nintendo Press Conference Notes courtesy of a friend.
- The Legend of Zelda: Skyward Sword - Wii controller sensor still not very reliable. Using WiiMotion Plus.
- Just Dance 2 - Some new dance game?
- Golden Sun: Dark Dawn - A new chapter in the Golden Sun series for the DS in Holiday 2010.
- Goldeneye - Wii only, sad that it's only going to be on the Wii, arrives Holiday 2010.
- Epic Mickey - A new "dark" Mickey Mouse game - Not a bad showing actually, probably will interest only smaller kids and Mickey fanatics.... See More
- Kirby's Epic Yarn - Some new Kirby game, Did want until I saw the demo...
- Dragon Quest 9 - Sounds like a fun game, will probably pick this one up.
- Metroid: Other M - Looks beautiful, would suggest giving it a try if you have a Wii, available August 31, 2010.
- Donkey Kong Country Returns - Reminds me of my chilhood with the Gameboy, looks great too.
- Kid Icarus - Trailer for a 3DS KI game?
- Nintendo 3DS - No glasses needed for 3D? Tech maybe for future companies to build on? 3D picture taking ability, adjustable 3D viewing, Also it apparently eats people..

Up Next: Sony Press Conference at 12pm Pacific.

Note: I will not be covering any of the conferences on Tuesday thanks to school. The same applies to the conferences on Thursday.

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Both Star Wars games (Old Republic and Force Unleashed II) look fantastic. Really excited about both of them.
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Added notes from the Nintendo conference, they came from a friend of mine.

I won't be posting anymore notes until after 10pm pacific (when I get home) =/
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That was the best Nintendo E3 I have seen in awhile. I'll be totally getting a 3DS with some of those bad ass games.
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Originally Posted by moosh View Post
That was the best Nintendo E3 I have seen in awhile. I'll be totally getting a 3DS with some of those bad ass games.
Yea, Nintendo hit it out of the park. I think they are the proverbial "winners" of E3 this year. I'm really excited about Donkey Kong and Goldeneye with online multiplayer. Epic Mickey looked really interesting as well.
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e3 2010

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