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8/28/08 1:49 pm FAT PEOPLE ARE HARD TO KIDNAP STEAM_0:0:4784462 Llama

So, when you have banned everyone in the steam community... you will have solved world hunger for fortress forever on the O-T server.

Idea... Lock the server, force people on a pay to play plan unless they are O-T members... thus you make money and keep out most of the community.

I have a better solution, why not create a server application that just drops any words, links or names from being relayed to the other users...

Client User Types: "Fuck" > Server receives data > Server compares text to the list of undesired words. > If a match is present, the server will not replay the message to the other clients, but instead reply with a message to the user telling them their message was not sent due to their choice of words.

Banning people for personal conduct beliefs seems a little too fascist... no?
I can understand spamming text, sick spray images, constant vulgar language and disgusting verbal descriptions. No one wants that... but for fucks sake... I was slayed for saying "jesus"

FX was banned for allegedly "Advertising other servers"?

What's wrong with telling someone to come to another server? After you have banned half the FF population where do you think they are going to go?
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You were warned in text, you were warned by being slayed, and this sound was played for you:

Which says, "Please keep the language and content clean. Continued language issues can result in a temporary or even permanent ban."

You heard that sound TWICE, you were slayed twice, and you saw the text twice before you were banned. You've seen plenty of people here who were banned for this issue. You CHOSE to be banned. You just kept typing it over and over again until you got auto-perm banned. You had plenty of warnings. How much clearly could we make it for you?

The server is there for our enjoyment and the enjoyment of our regulars. They like the environment we provide. You have every right to go somewhere else. We do not force you play in our server. Playing in our server is a privilege, just like playing in your server is a privilege.

Originally Posted by TwiztidNinja
After you have banned half the FF population where do you think they are going to go?
After we ban someone, we do not care where they go.

"Player Quality, not Quantity, is what we strive for." - The LLama Wrangler
"A clan is defined by the nature of it's enemies. - The Llama Wrangler

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Look at all those dead links.
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Hey Scuzzy can you remove my ban to? Oh never mind I've never been banned from your server cause I follow the rules.
I Love GenghisTron . I miss you sooooo Much. LOL.
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didnt we already remove a similar thread?

its quite a simple concept: if you dont like the server, dont play on it. much like if you dont like necrophilia, dont fuck dead people. noone forces you to.
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