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Originally Posted by Mad Clog
Originally Posted by -=bingo-bango=-
it seems i will be starting with axlfly.
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Originally Posted by CaLeB-
Has anyone noticed the source folder in their FF install yet?
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Yeah. It has the VMFs.

That makes things easier i guess.
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are they up to date with the current bsp?
Originally posted by Bridget [>]
Who gives a shit? Tired of hearing about this...
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I'm also thinking of creating some small map (that doesn't take forever to map). I can handle lua well so gameplay complexity isn't a problem... neither is mapping, I can create some neat stuff in little time. But if starts taking too much time, it's very common for me to get bored and abandon the project.

Hide and seek maps need big and complex maps so I think I'll pass on those. I also don't know almost anything about custom TFC maps so if you're suggesting those, describe them a bit (I played and mapped for TFC over 3 years, I just never bothered trying other peoples' custom maps ). I prefer maps that can be played with only a few players (4-8 or so), since it's difficult to get a custom map on servers with lots of players.

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