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View Poll Results: A good flag room has:
wide, open entrances 8 33.33%
narrow choke point entrances 8 33.33%
different kinds of entrances 14 58.33%
only one or two enrances 2 8.33%
some walls around the flag 5 20.83%
horizontal space (wide room) 10 41.67%
vertical space (high room) 9 37.50%
multiple floors (ff_well, ff_shutdown2) 11 45.83%
not much cover 5 20.83%
quick route to respawn (ff_aardvark) 4 16.67%
Multiple Choice Poll. Voters: 24. You may not vote on this poll

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What makes a good flagroom?

The flag room is where most of the action takes place in many maps - or at least where it should. Players on most public servers usually center the action in the middle of the map because, well, it's in the center of the map.

I was thinking of a map with a CTF game play, but with one team attacking and the other defending. This would pretty much put all the action in the defender's flag room.

Here's some points I think a flag room should have (I like[list]s, don't I?):
  1. Enough room for snipers to encourage them defending the flag instead of fragging people at the yard. Not too good hiding places so they wouldn't be too imba. ff_well is a fine example.
  2. At least one narrow entrance that makes a good choke point for demomen, pyros and soldiers to defend. ff_aardvark is too open and makes pyros quite useless.
  3. Unless there are multiple small entrances (like in ff_well, ff_shutdown2 and ff_2morforever) the main entrance should be wide (like in ff_aardvark).
  4. Good places for sentry guns, preferably with cell bags near them (or you can just use your dispenser). The SGs are still quite easy to destroy.
  5. If the flag pedestral is sloped, something around it to block pipe bombs falling off. I think all the current maps have considered this, but maybe worth pointing out anyway.
  6. Something to support concing. Either vertical space (ff_well) or horizontal space (ff_aardvark). Alternatively there can be other concing places like the elevator was in 2fort, just outside the flag room. I haven't done much concing myself so maybe someone more pro could enlighten me what makes a good conc jump for a flag room.
  7. Some cover for spies (and offense who is waiting for the flag to return). In ff_well, there's the bridge you can go under, and the big cylinder around the capture point. In ff_aardvark there are the transparent glasses, which don't make very good hiding places though, and umm... a box. Shutdown2 has the ramp and corridor below flag, and the balcony above it.
  8. Something different in every flag room to make it unique. Elevators and window in ff_well, excellent ramp placement in ff_shutdown2, lots of room in ff_aardvark...
So actually that's a list of what flag rooms already have... I'd like to hear some ideas of what things they should have, but don't. Also any comments about what they have but shouldn't have.

The problem with most mappers (at least with me) is that we actually suck at playing and can't make everything to work as it should.
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I like this idea of a CTF map but only having 1 flag in it. So one team could be D and the other O. I picture sort of a huge yard with a fort in the center of it, with multiple entrances in on different levels for that idea to work.

There should be 2 -3 ways into a fr, the primary way should be more open, while any other way should be tighter to make a better choke point. Any 2ndary paths should not take you directly to the fr, but to a place just behind the defensive front line. These should also only be opened up by deactivating security. Try not to make these alternative paths noisy. It drives me nuts on aardvark that someone standing on flag spawn can hear you swimming through the water tunnel. Security button should be a decent ways away from the fr.

Only 1 pack should ever be in the fr imo. And it only resupply ammo and metal. No hp/ac/nades, you could have a seperate health/armor on a longer timer for this. The pack does fully resupply metal and ammo though, and respawns relatively quickly, but should not be placed right at the most ideal place for a sentry gun, so the engineer should have to move from time to time to resupply (or skillfully get a dispenser up).

I like more open fr's as opposed to tiny little rooms. You can have narrow hallways and stuff leading up to them, but for the fr itself open it up a bit (not to the point that the defense could stand at the back and kill anything before it get's close), but enough that a concer could do a conc with some decent aircontrol).

Obstacles, like pillars, boxes or even corners of raised levels should be provided so offense has a chance to duck back for cover from time to time.

If you want the offense to be able to conc to the flag, you'll need an incline somewhere in the room, either at the start of the room, halfway, or right close to the flag. Something that'll let offense bounce around with a bit of speed from a conc.

Drop down holes in the ceilings are nice if you chose to have a major choke at the main entrance.

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medium room, but with a couple of ways in
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I enjoy the flag configs for flagrun. At least the tfc version of it. 3 ways in, wide open space for a good 1v1 ~ 3v3 for offn demos and soldiers, while a good wide area to conc in and conc out for scouts.

I hated the neutral flag thing though. Should have started as 2 flags on each side and ctf over that instead of fighting over the neutrals. I remember having many 35min ~ 1 hour rounds on that map.
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multiple ways in, enough height to conc around
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a flag
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Originally Posted by darksoul
a flag
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