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re: re: Talos Members impersonating FF Staff

Scuzzy, there's no evidence that anyone is 'impersonating' you.

You see, simply naming yourself after someone is not an impersonation. Everyone who has been playing FF for more than a week realizes that there is tension between the OT and TALOS clans, and they realize that someone IN THE TALOS SERVER is most likely not from OT. The same goes for OT. In fact, it was a few good weeks ago that you forced someone from TALOS who was not banned, to change their name, and then you banned them.

Notice how, by definition, an impersonator has to try and 'mimic' or 'personate' or 'pretend to be' like the object they're impersonating. Simply changing your name says nothing about your intention or your actions. The fact that you claimed he was 'impersonating FF staff' is clear and obvious hyperbole.

You can keep closing threads, but until you provide proof to backup your specious claims, I'm not going to quit. When you make a claim, you must back it up with proof. This is referred to burden of proof. You've had no problem in the past typing up 1,000+ word posts to refute something stupid, that happened years ago, and now when your claims are baseless, all of a sudden you're tired of 'wiping our asses' and are unable to provide proof. How convenient.

The simple fact is, the only real legitimate claim that you actually even had, was that Fatal was spreading rumors about changes in the game that were not factual. And you haven't given a SHRED of evidence to support this claim. His previous hacking and supposed 'impersonation' of yourself, is commonplace, and thus isn't a huge issue. If Fatal was and is spreading lies about changes in the game, it will be dealt with internally. But until there's evidence (I tried reading the chat log on our stats website, but it only goes back 10 pages, which is a week or two) then I'm forced to call out your hypocrisy and double-standard. It's simple. Provide proof, and back up your claims, and the issue will be addressed (if there is one). In the previous, people have made threads on the FF forums crying about bans on the OT server. Clearly those threads did not belong on the FF forums, and rather the OT forums. Now, you're doing exactly the same thing, bringing a single issue that has to do with an independent server, onto the FF forums. When asked to provide proof to back up your claims, you are unable to.

I don't see how, logically, one can deduce from this situation anything other than a clear and systematic double standard.

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Post from my potential thread:

Originally Posted by Bridget
Scuzzy wrote:

It's been brought to our attention that [TALOS] fatal has been running around with the name [o-t] Scuzzy and making inappropriate comments about the FF Development team, fake changes to the game, etc.
While the image he provided us with does in fact prove that Fatal was using Scuzzy's name, it doesn't provide evidence that Fatal was doing the above-mentioned things: Making inappropriate comments about the development team, announcing fake changes to the game, and so on.

When people requested he provide evidence that Fatal was making these 'inappropriate comments' or announcing these 'fake changes', Scuzzy simply said 'I provided you with the picture on your website, etc, etc' which is not what we requested. We're in full agreement that Fatal (and many others) have used Scuzzy's name. That's not what we asked for. We asked for evidence that Fatal had done the latter.

Instead, the thread was locked. Was this because Scuzzy made a claim that he can't prove? I think, considering Scuzzy's position, he should provide evidence to support his claims that our members are saying detrimental things, because simply sporting someone's name doesn't necessarily mean malice. Where's the evidence Fatal said these things?

Much like Scuzzy's post, I am making my request public. This is incase the 'beginners' he talks about that 'should be aware the individual is not me or a member of the staff' should be informed of both sides of the story, and therefore decide for themselves.

I am remaining civil, and I am inquiring about a matter relevant to Server/Player discussion. Therefore, if this thread is locked or removed or infracted, then I am going to pretty much conclude that Scuzzy has no evidence for his claim of Fatal saying these things. Good day.
EDIT: Also, do note that Scuzzy's mention of Fatal's past hacking is nothing more than a red herring argument, and we could also agree that it is an ad-hominem attack, as it is an attack against character and not a response to the claim that Fatal said these things.

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I like the part where I'm everyone's giving a fuck about this.
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I'm locking this b/c it isn't going to go anywhere good just like all the stupid o-t threads that pop up. It's pretty clear that there isn't going to be any proof of him spreading rumors or whatever so take what you want from it. Either he did and proof can't be found or he was just messing around with Scuzzy, but either way it's not gonna go anywhere more than that. Also don't just start another thread or I'll have to give out infractions and getting an infraction over this crap would be stupid.
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Originally Posted by Dr.Satan View Post
getting an infraction over this crap would be stupid.

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