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After a hard days of working here it is! Sunnyramps_b2 in beta fase for public testing.
Download Link

Basic information about the changes:
1. Class Limit: All classes are allowed except Sniper (o) and Engi (2 Max)
2. Respawn: Now is in a high place from where you fall into a water base to avoid falling damage. This water also kills anyone from enemy team who try to go in there.
3. Half-Pipes have been improved. Now it has surf ramps that work better than the original Half-Pipes.
4. Capture Zone has been completly remade. Now these ramps are more functional.
5. Instead the straight way to the enemy team base now there is a bridge! This also makes harder to aim the enemy base.
6. Main ramp has been suffered the biggest change. Now there are 2 "lakes" that connects both bases. These ramps also are connected to the Half- Pipes by a surf ramps.

I hope that this version will be so liked as b1 was! The remade has been performed to be more fun.
*** Screenshots will be added in final version (releasing post)
Since the map is in beta fase, reporting bugs or whatever do the map works bad will be very helpful to get the final version!

Finally, Beta 1 was very liked so i will rename it has "ff_sunnyramps_clacssi" so it also will be able to be played in servers. (this will be done when b2 will be completly finished!

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