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Originally Posted by DaRkK
from The Catacombs
Alright well most of you guys may recall me asking for help on how to start making an avi ... Well i thought it'd be kool if i layed down the basic steps for everyone, to create a simple avi. Please remember that i learned to do this stuff from the help of others ... so i do not take credit to anything over here.

First of all some of the basic stuff you need is:
XviD is the codec used to compress your avi, and VirtualDub is the program you will use to make an avi, add effects (filters) etc.

Configuring the CODEC

It is explained in the tut by Mrk ... link can be found at the bottom
This is what you have to do
  • Quantization

  • Debug

  • So first of all you need footage so do this:
  • Play the demo using viewdemo command
  • Go to the that you want to make an avi out of
  • Go to console and type Startmovie <name> <fps>
  • - ie startmovie myavi 30
  • It is recomended that you use 30 for your fps.
  • Once you are done capturing that clip go to the console and type endmovie
Ok so now you have your footage in .bmp format in your tfc folder, now we are going to create an avi out of it so..
  • Open up vdub
  • File -> Open Video File
  • Select the very first .bmp file of your footage
  • - ie openfire_lmyavi000.bmp
  • Now you should see your footage loaded up in Vdub .. but wait ! wtf? you see your console in the very first image? Not a problem simply select that frame in the timeline and hit delete
  • Keep hitting delete till it the console dissapears
  • Now go to the end of the timeline ... you should be seeing the console there aswell ... do the same as you did earlier, simple delete the frames
  • Now go to Video -> Compression and select XviD
  • Almost done ... no go to File -> Save as avi

Alrite thats it ... you've done it !! You have made your very own avi, The rest of the cool stuff you see in POTWs etc is all video effects which can be created using VduB or Sony Vegas or Adobe Premiere. If you would like to learn to do kool stuff like that use and search for some tutorials. The more you practice using this stuff the easier it gets.

Some of the helpful links are listed below:
- This is where i started off folks, tons of helpful links/tips can be found there.
  • Smack's tut on brightness sharpening etc
  • Hige's tut on using the batch command for PS

    - you see the action tab
    - next to the history tab on the right side of the screen
    - ok open up one of the pics in your bmp folder
    - then go to the action tab
    - hit create new action
    - name it if you wish
    - then click record
    - then edit the picture however you wish
    - add whatever effects youd like
    - when youre done hit stop
    - then you go to File - automate - batch
    - and you hit the thing you named as your action and what folder to direct it to etc

Credits: Mrk, fong, MiloS, OB, Smack and everyone else who helped me getting started
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Are these programs still being used today? or have they been replaced my newer, better software?

It's been a while since I had done some TFC videos.

Was thinking of getting some TFC and FF footage and put them together in one video. Selling it as some kind of "the real team fortress experience" or "fortress bros" etc.
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Yea there are better options now. To stream, you can use the Steam Broadcasting System, though you can't currently download any of your videos.

However, if you download Open Broadcast Software which is used frequently on popular streaming sites such as, you can save any video you record and it's already saved as a common file format rather than having to convert from .dem to .jpgs then to .avi.

You just gotta set it to record and then playback a demo to get the in-game shots you want for your video, then a use video editor for the rest. FF game currently crashes if you open it, then the OBS to start recording, but if you start recording first, there's no issues. You'll probably want the 32 bit download since I don't think FF supports 64 bit. (not sure tho)
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Thanks for the advice. I just downloaded the program and will have a look at it later on today hopefully.
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I do not recommend OBS for a quality output. If you are just looking to quickly record something then yeah it's fine. The old method is still the best for good quality along with your favorite programs to combine and compile.

Sony Vegas
Adobe AfterEffects
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Basically with Sony Vegas all I need to do can be found on this and this page if I'm not mistaken.
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