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Peenot Buttor
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Map Idea

I have a idea for a map and it's best we talk about it here.

MAP NAME - Temple
MAP SIZE - Medium

The map would have 4 temples apart from each other, with the middle of the map being a maze of buildings, doors, shops, markets, signs, and cherry blossom trees. The middle of the map is dangerous, making getting from temple to temple REALLY challenging, Resupplys are in the map with 6 at each team temple. The temples are huge, think of blue or red base from 2 fort, NOW imagine that times 9? YEAH THATS EVERY TEMPLE. The flag is at the top of each temple. Drop the flag at your team podium in the middle of the map to score.

I hope this concept seems awesome. :]
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Well, considering the size of the map and that Fortress Forever has 24 players max, do you really think it would be good for teams of 6 if its so huge?

A deathmatch map thats like a market with shops and stuff you can go into could be cool though.
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