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Common Problems & Solutions

This thread will be updated with useful FF Tech Support information.

Firstly: Is it a FF specific problem?
Firstly: Do you experience similar problems when playing other modern games? If so, you may have PC problems or driver issues.

Secondly: Do you experience this specific behaviour when playing other source mods or games? If you do, then it's possibly not a Fortress Forever problem, though it remains the possibility that both mods are doing something that the engine does not approve of. Please check the Steam support area. Quite a few of the memory dumps we're receiving are crashing in engine code which makes it more difficult for us to pinpoint the exact cause. We're working on solutions to any crashes we hear about.

Connection Problems

Problem: I can connect to an FF server but I get dropped after a minute or two.
Solution: You may need to adjust your firewall to forward the ports properly. 1

Problem: Upon joining a server I get an error message that reads "OnGameRulesCreationStringChanged: missing gamerules class 'CFFGameRules' on the client."
Solution: You may have downloaded the server archive instead of the windows client .exe installer. If you are certain you've installed the client files, stay tuned for a solution.1

Sound/Audio Problems

Problem: My sound is REALLY quiet.
Solution: Check to make sure your system's audio settings match your audio set-up (e.g., if you have 2 speakers then select 2 speakers; not 5.1) 1

Crashing on Startup
In no particular order:
  1. Run the "Source SDK Base" 'tool' manually via the steam games menu at least once
  2. Remove the gamestartup mp3s from the FortressForever/sound/ui directory
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