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Before posting, try other Source-based applications

Just as a re-iteration on the 'Common Problems & Solutions' sticky, I'm still noticing quite a few posts on here where people are mentioning that they're experiencing crashing/bad fps/whatever problems, but fail to mention if they have attempted trying other Source-based games.

Please make sure you try other Source games first and state this in your post, as not only does this avoid confusion and uncertainty for others, but it will also give the devs a chance to pinpoint if the issue is caused by FF or not. Some problems occur as a direct result of issues with the Source engine itself, which the FF developers obviously have no control over themselves.

Problems may also occur as a result of your PC simply not being up to the task in one way or another. The devs and other posters on here will do everything possible to help with PC matters, such as performance and maintenance tips for instance, but sometimes you just have to realise that upgrading your 1800+, 512mb of RAM and 9800 pro is really the best solution to your problems.

Finally, making sure you respect these points will give a better overall impression of the mod itself! Failing to do so can result in unfair allegations about its general stability, and could put potential newcomers off. Please keep this in mind!
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