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thank you very much your help is much apreciated

so I can try out some stuff now.

one final question for now reamains though

back in tfc i found a script which did this:
you pressed a button and hold it - while you were holding the button the super shotgun was equipped - switching back to your rocket launcher when you release it.

so i thought a little and came into something like this:

As a soldier i would like to have the following:
bind "MOUSE1" "slot4; +attack"
bind "MOUSE2" "slot3; +attack"

what i want to do:
if i press left mouse button (mouse1) i want to shot with the rocket launcher. if a enemy gets away i would like to finish him off with the super shotgun and bind it directly to mouse2. but if i fire again with mouse1 i shoot with the rocket launcher again - hope it´s clear what i´m trying to do?

edit: found it out!

alias +rl "slot5; +attack"
alias -rl "-attack"
alias +ss "slot3; +attack"
alias -ss "-attack"

bind "MOUSE1" "+rl"
bind "MOUSE2" "+ss"

if i press mouse2 with rocket launcher being equiped it will change to super shotgun (ss) and will shoot if i hold down mouse2. or will shoot if i press it again. but it will switch to rocket launcher and shoots if i hold down mouse1 again

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