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Eon Seig
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How does FF run on Ubuntu Linux?

A couple months ago, before I played Fortress Forever, I was experimenting with the Ubuntu operating system, the most popular Linux distribution. It ran perfectly smooth until it suddenly stopped working entirely. I was forced to uninstall it, but now I know what went wrong. It was easily repairable, but I won't go into details.

One thing I never got around to testing out was how the games I played on Windows would work on Ubuntu. By default, I know that most games do not run on Linux unless you use a compatibility layer program, such as one called Wine. However, I have been reading around and I now know that Wine is able to run HL2, TF2, and Steam, as well as a variety of other games will fairly good success.

I am now reinstalling Ubuntu to give it another go, but I want to know if anyone else on the forums has tried playing Fortress Forever on Ubuntu or any other Linux distribution using Wine, and what the results were.

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Hawk Eye
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As I understand it, we have a splinter of our community who has been attempting to run FF on Ubuntu / Linux since it's release. I don't think anyone got it working well.
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At one point about a year ago I happened to try HL2 on Ubuntu (ATI video) and it ran quite well. I've run TFC before with nice results as well years ago. Haven't tried FF, as I'm low on disk space and can't spare a duplicate install - plus I use a laptop and need every FPS I can get.

I actually use Ubuntu as my main OS about 95% of the time (I prefer software that is written to make me productive, not to take my money,) but one thing about games, especially competitive ones like FF, is that you will find you have very little tolerance for glitchiness or even barely noticeable performance drops. Unless you don't have a windows license or play with extreme casualness, I would advise just booting into windows to play.

I would encourage you to try, and would be very interested in your results. Perhaps I can offer a tip or two if you have a problem. WineHQ is a great resource:

If you haven't tried Warsow, Alien Arena or Tremulous, they are free (as in speech,) run fantastically and are quite fun. Just not as fun as FF

PS - Quake Live also runs great under Linux
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i run ubuntu more than i do windows. i've tried to run hl2 on ubuntu, and while i can run it, it's certainly not playable. FF for some reason it just doesn't like. i can run native engines no problem. tremulous and urbanterror both run the ioquake3 engine, which runs superbly!

EDIT: here's a screenshot of the budget:

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