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Dr. eXpl0si0n
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I'm banned too now - never hacked a day in my life. kewl
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moto is actually neutral ??
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Originally Posted by Dr. eXpl0si0n View Post
I'm banned too now - never hacked a day in my life. kewl
Holy shit really?!

Explo's the chillest fucking dude. I honestly never thought I'd see him get banned from any server.

Maybe if you weren't such a fragile fucking libtard.
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It is good to see that I am not the only person experiencing this ban problem, though I feel bad for those who can't play like me on the Boneyard server when players are playing. Hopefully the priority will get raised to resolve this issue on the Boneyard.

In response to Juicey, I actually just connected to Suzy's and have been able to connect to all the other servers in my list: - Moto's - not banned - East Coast best maps - not banned - Bone Yard - still banned - Suzy's - not banned - Badass Bloodbath - not banned - [TFC-R] - not banned - MaxFF - not banned - AnitaLink - not banned

Are these all the FF servers that exist? Can someone confirm I am not missing one? It may be the case that I am IP banned from one and that is the one sending out my steam ID across the sourcebans plugin and your response could help clear that up.

It may also be the case that the plugin and some temp ban was applied to me on another server and that subsequently carried over for that temp duration.

Those two possibilities being stated, I do not actually see any record of my ban on the sourcebans plugin site that implies it is the source of my current issue:

AZero - not found

Either way, it seems Juicey has confirmed that I was rebanned for changing my interp setting and I would like to ask that he please unban me and I will not change that setting and keep it default.

A lot of people have come out and supported and make it clear this is more of a community issue because there are so few servers. Hopefully the Boneyard admins can hear that message and let up a bit on the ban hammer or players can choose to play in Moto's or another non-boneyard server so we can participate.

I would also suggest that Pike from Moto's please add more admins with lower privileges like map changing and OvD enforcement so there is not such a draw to the Boneyard as well as adding the newest version of maps. I think Moto's could do much better and we all could play more FF . When servers compete, players win

And just for good measure, I want to make sure that there are no hard feelings on my end. It is just a game and I appreciate even getting a response from Juicey. When he thinks about this game he is probably wanting to blow off some steam and play just like anyone else and he probably finds this issue to be a thorn in his side. The person doing it might even be a financial contributor and that might make his decision harder.

Whoever did the initial ban, Pike said it may not even be Erwin who originally banned me, I don't expect anything from them or to ever get unbanned from the Boneyard. If it wasn't Erwin, there is a much bigger problem because that likely means Juicey is having trouble administrating the admins or the software handling bans. I would just steer clear of Boneyard until this is resolved, otherwise whoever it is will likely continue their ban-rampage and the resolution time appears to be two weeks minimum and then there is the chance you could change the wrong setting and we are still waiting on a resolution time for that occurrence.

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Boneyard is no longer tied to my sourcebans install, Juicey is running his own ban list plugins now. Sorry for any confusion.

Also i dont think PikE has the ability to add / remove admins on motos or upload maps. You would have to contact moto directly about that, but he has been rather hard to get a hold of since he started rusting..

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