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Beta 2 - Changes
1) Decreased health and armor to (25/25) and removed grenades from all bags except in spawn.
2) Fixed door triggers and increased spawn door open speed.
3) Touched up some textures

Made the connector hallways wider and taller, perhaps too much so. I added a shoop in the respawn for the defenders since it's probably an offence heavy map. Hopefully it will have some pretty fast paced gameplay.

Current download mirrors:

81.5 hours in one week baby!

Special thanks to Vinny and Spoon for their encouragement

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looking good :>
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this map looks super fantastic
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I wasn't a TFC player so I don't have a clue, but those screenshots look fantastic, keep up the good work.
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That looks amazing !

:e0: Will live on Forever
Support FF:
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Just need to fix the door from not openning one way... and the insane amount of health and nades from all the bags.
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Thanks for the compliments guys!

Edited the LUA for the bags, took away nades in the flagroom and ramproom bags and lowered the health and armor to 50 each.

I also increased the door open speed and decreased the size of the spawn door trigger brushes. The problem was that if you stood in the trigger brush the door wouldn't re-open and you'd have to run out of the trigger and back into it for the door to re-open.

I'm torn on the respawn shoop, I really want to keep it since the scoring has been consistently 50-70 range on both rounds which I think is pretty balanced. is offline   Reply With Quote

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cool map nice work
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