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ff_security_b1 (9.6.09)


Put the chuppy folder in your personal ff/materials folder and ur good to go

TFC remake for thoes who didnt know ;P

wow why the hell did i post this here? plz move my bad

Last edited by Dr.Satan; 09-07-2009 at 01:56 PM. Reason: added mirror / changed title
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congrats, for one more good map made by u : D, i had to do another .res file -_-, just one thing for final plz build cubemaps in map cuse water with no cubemaps in directx 8 its pink :P
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omg freaking slow download!

Here's a 2GBit mirror:
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there you go, I moved this to maps, changed your title, and added that mirror rawh gave you

You should just upload those vids to your gallery or link to them so that they don't kill the screen.

WRT the map, NICE. I hate this map as a clan map, but it should be pretty cool as a pub map!
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gj exo, this map was fun in tfc clan battles good map to prove you're e-p3n!x.
: D
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great make! I've played this in multiple pickups and have had a great time every time! Also looks like it would be good in pubs also! Beautiful design!

I knew that this map had potiential but when i saw how good it looked when i joined the server i was completely blown out of the water!

great job and keep up the good work.
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