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Keep going as it is:

I think the logo is very good, everything is going very well, as long as there are the original 9 classes (maybe add another one, but that will be hard as hell) this mod is going extremly well infact, keep up the good work, i like the look of this mod.

Anyway, aslong as TFC:S or FF or TF2, play like TFC eg, extremly quick and when you shoot at someone it hits, instead of shooting in CS:S and waiting and it will hit, so aslong as this mod plays like the original, or plays as quick and fun as the original, everyone should love this!

Good work on the site Dec, and extremly good work on the current models!
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Just saw your mod on planet half-life. I was so glad to hear someone is making this! From what I heard TF2 will be quite different than TFC and (but I hope that's just a rumour ) more "realistic".

Please keep the free and fast-paced gameplay from TFC. Let the powerful guns be powerful and don't replace bunnyhoping by this strange I-want-to-move-but-I-can't jumping system from CS.

Anyway, like flump said everything is looking extremely good! Keep up the excellent work!
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