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Creating a mod/ Server plugins

I've just decided I wanted to try my hand at creating a mod (hl2) or a server plug-in (css). I've looked around the internet including the sdk source wiki files and not found much to do with creating a mod/ plug-in from the coding side of things. When I downloaded the files I was expecting a bit of documentation explaining what folder is for what i.e. which folder contains server files or client files but there wasn't any. These questions are for the programmers.

1. Is there any links or files that would save me time figuring out which file/ folder contains what. As at the moment looking at all the files/ folders individually seems like is quite a daunting task.

2. I've heard that you have to code the networking side of things yourself. Is there any truth to that as I thought that's probably one of the things the engine would have contained by default.

3. About creating a plug-in how many files would you need to modify?

4. How hard is it to create a mod/ plug-in from the programming side of things?

5. Any tips that could save me time or make things less confusing would be great.

Here's a bit about myself: I'm a University student studying computer game technology (not a very good university). I've worked in an online team before, on an mmorpg about 3 years ago as a programmer. I've got 2-3 years experience in C++ although last time I used it was about 2 years ago. I've also got a year's worth of experience in C# and Java. Even no my strength is programming I also create maps, use Photoshop/ Illustrator and Max/ Maya. In the games industry I would be technically called a general specialist because of my well rounded skills.
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If your trying to do admin shit go here.
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