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squeek502 pushed 9 commits to fortressforever/fortressforever:assisted-suicide

  • c45f8c DexterHaslem: 'update the debugging section of readme, add instructions for running directly from VC++'
  • 1290b8 DexterHaslem: 'make sabotaged sentries behave with friendly fire. fixes #327'
  • d2ea35 DexterHaslem: 'make dispenser det damage behave with friendly fire'
  • 88bde0 DexterHaslem: 'refactor buildable dmg checks to base buildable class. rip copy pasta'
  • e77698 DexterHaslem: 'use GetBool for cvar'
  • 94517d DexterHaslem: 'Merge pull request #362 from DexterHaslem/fluff/add-debug-info-readme. add more debug instructions...'
  • 8d6fcd DexterHaslem: 'Merge pull request #363 from DexterHaslem/fix-ff-sabotaged-buidables. Makes sabotaged things...'
  • d16d78 squeek502: 'Remove the -1 frag for dying from the world (#361). This -1 was already removed for suicides, so it...'
  • 2f15e8 squeek502: 'Merge branch 'beta' into assisted-suicide'

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