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Trimping Speedrun Demos

Just some demos of the smaller trimp maps I've done.
These runs were done on zE's server (pinging about 130-150) using !start and !stop, as well as !saveme / !posme (although I'm not sure if I actually used them that much in the runs. Examples where they're often used include the last 3 jumps in trainingz)

djump_ez in 2:54

I think it's doable in 2:45...but definitely not much faster than that. A pretty solid run.

Trimp_trainingz_b2 in 4:52.

A mediocre start and poor middle finished off with one of the best ends I've ever had. Even if I cleaned up the technical errors, I'd be hard pressed to get faster than a 4:40 on that.

I'll probably do runs of redz, keep trying for a sub-5 on trainingz (DONE), maybe some other smaller trimp maps. I won't speedrun blue (because of that one jump). I might do spacez, could consider a rough run of lsdz but definitely getting the "best time possible" on those is just...not worth the time investment.
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