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Week 6 ( ff_2fort )


Week 6 predictions up.....

Week 5 Prediction results posted ( 6 out of 6 ) Total: 26 out of 33 ( Goto Forums )

I encourage folks to post comments and there own predictions on the UM forum also.

Vote for: Match of The Week
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Question: Is there a way to watch any of these matches live? 2fort is a map I live for, and would LOVE to see some good competition on it.
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yes, clans should run an stv server during ugc matches (if their provider allows them to), and it'd be nice if ppl got into the habit of uploading demos (stv or otherwise) to for gg's that might of interest or perhaps even get new ppl interested in FF.
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How do you predict 19 caps on 2fort? Do you even take the map into consideration or do you just throw out whatever number comes to mind?
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i still wonder why are we not predicting them just here...

.gr (2-3) vs. [NS] (2-3)
[BOSS] (2-2) vs. o. (2-2)
aA* (2-3) vs. [TW] (2-3)
die. (4-1) vs. dmc | (3-1)
=RE= (0-4) vs. hS| (0-0)
[milkwood] (4-0) vs. Teamfail. (5-0)
UNDEAD | (1-3) vs. pcsh (0-1)

i still dont know about some usa clans. so unpredictable games for me are underlined there

but rest seem very exciting!
heres a new award: "the best week" (so far)
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