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New OvD server

Introducing a new OvD server. Which is a combination of pub/pickup. I say combo because all classes are available to play on both teams except Scout D, but it forces OvD as the blue flag is untouchable on Capture the Flag maps

Slots: 12
Rounds: 20 minutes
Blue = Offense
Red = Defense

Class Limits:
Blue Team:
Scout, Unlimited
Sniper, 1
Soldier, 3
Demoman, 3
Medic, Unlimited
Hwguy, 1
Pyro, 2
Spy, 2
Engineer, 1

Red Team:
Scout, 0
Sniper, 1
Soldier, 3
Demoman, 3
Medic, 1
Hwguy, 2
Pyro, 2
Spy, 1
Engineer, 2

Map Cycle:

There are many other maps to nominate though, and we will add more, and adjust the map cycle as we get a better feel on how the server reacts to particular maps.

If we don't have a particular map, and would like to see it on there, just PM me with a link to download it.

It's still a new server, and adjustments and settings will be tweaked as we go.

But it's been running for about a week, and we've filled up many times so far, and nobody's really complained about lag issues or anything, even some Euros have been playing on it, and their connections aren't that bad, seem to be around 150 ping.

Could a moderator please lock this thread? As this is just an announcement post. If people would like to discuss the server, a new thread can be started for that.
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Locked. Also, I put it as a sticky so it stays at the top for a while. We can un-sticky it(if someone remembers) in a month or two.... since most everyone currently on will have seen it as a new message by then.

Nice work, I'll have to drop in there sometime.
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