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Originally Posted by the_cake View Post
FF history's best engies: Holdntoss, squeek, blinky, ryu

Badges of honor:

EMP tk'er: ricey
wher i build gun: Atlarge
That's your sg spot? Really?: bio, cake
suicide SG: squeek, matt
railgun bounce aimbot: squeek, ryu
tactical engineering: Holdntoss, Blinky, hoop
dispenser demoman: Holdntoss, Blinky
/quit: matt, redneck, hoop
wrench OP: cake, squeek
CLANG CLANG CLANG: atlarge, space, PoC

I only TK GR Members
Support FF:
Maps : Haste |Scrummage |Mulch_Trench
Voltage | Exchange Classic | Fortsake
ricecakes: I demand SGs get a buff
squeek.: buy it a gym membership

'I have an eye for design' - Kube 2014
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