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New Map (ff_frostbite) [by: D3LTA04]

Here is a new map that I've been working on. I've still got some work to do and some bugs to fix but I am very confident that everyone will enjoy it. I've put some major work into it so here are some screenshots.

Ok guys, here's what you have been waiting for:

Feature list:
Sniper Tower windows
Spawn laser resupply
Multiple Base entrances
Easy access's

Upcoming Feature List:
3D Skybox
Better Texture mixing
More realistic snow yard
Falling snow
Waterfall (MAYBE)
Wind Soundscape (MAYBE)

The MAYBE features will be decided upon feedback of map.
I plan to have the next version (hopefully final) done in the next week!

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Sexy map dude, I like it a lot.
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Looks nice.
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cool beans
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