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Facebook Content

Hi all,

An idea to give FF a boost -

We have 945 likes on our facebook page... these likes are old players, their friends are probably gamers, why arent we reaching out to them? Just like the game our facebook account is inactive and has been for sometime. We need to get back and engage with old FF friends and hopefully make some new ones.

How are we gonna do it? Content. 1 good post a day that makes people want to play.

I'm happy to take on this challenge. I have asked trepid jon for rights to post and am still awaiting a reply.

How can you help? Post ideas for content on this forum. Any cool videos, screenshots, funny things that relate to FF. Think out the box, we could rip other games or get on the back of whats trending with an FF twist 'what colour is this flag?'

Would love to know your thoughts and thanks in advanced for any help and time out your day in providing content.

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Your right
  • Pickup results
  • Concept art
  • Forum / irc drama
  • Beta info

Search forum for screen shots eg.

Wiki info

Steam page comments


See what other games post

There is also a public group on FB

My screenshots on steam

Support FF:

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Unless you come to these forums or a few other spots (like down at the malt shoppe), it's difficult to know what's up with FF, so yeah I say go for it.
Support FF:
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