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Right on. Yeah, moving onto something new is fine, and we all can do and have done that, but FF is established plus it's on Steam and nothing's stopping us from updating and adding new content in whatever way we want. So if we truly approach it from a purely awesome gamedev standpoint, making awesome new stuff like a nextgen FF would be pretty amazing, and in fact it is... it's already happening, but we don't have the luxury of a big kind of legit studio with everyone's time dedicated X hours per work day, it's just a free for all.

I mean that's the gist of it, I think a modern-made FF would be great to play and to work on and so do other devs and players, so being in this position makes it even more exciting, comparing old FF days to new FF days with the power of Steam. This will never die, it'll go on forever, I mean it's in the name haha

Just try this out, imagine with me for a second a game like FF in source2 using things like location/room/whatever tracking, where for example my loft's balcony and windows are like battlements in 2fort with the flag somewhere in this building complex, and I'm in a kind of sniper battle with someone on the east side of Dallas.

Doesn't have to be real environments, could be totally made up, but it could also utilize the real world in various ways just like Destinations on Steam. Put FF or something like FF in Destinations or something like Destinations... pretty simple, not a crazy concept right, and totally possible right now.
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