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Old 08-10-2016, 03:00 AM   #301
Join Date: Sep 2007
Location: Cleveland
Class/Position: any class
Gametype: mulch_dm
Affiliations: ( GoodFellas )
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Who want it

flawless styles represent! Chi come mulch me! I can't lose
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Join Date: Aug 2016
Class/Position: Any
Gametype: 1v1 dm , capture the flag , fps shooter
Affiliations: Flawles$styles #styles irc east gamesnet or gamesurge. Who remembers?? Lol
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my man rawdawg

Damn bro, I didn't forget u either...u still around... you been around a long time too. I'm gonna get a half decent PC soon and come back.....all I have right now is shit laptops that I can't stand. I could install all and come play for old times sake!! Hit me up on facebook or I'll login steam. Facebook is if that don't work look up my email
Your a flawless styles representer too from way back in the homie got skills too!

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Old 08-08-2019, 06:44 PM   #303
Join Date: Aug 2019
Location: Originally from Texas - Now in SoCal
Class/Position: Soldier (D)
Gametype: Capture the Flag
Affiliations: Scream Out Loud
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WOW - Just Found This Thread!

I just had a guy at working talking to me about PC gaming and I was telling him about how deep I was into TFC and CS. I did a random Google search of the clan I played in, Scream Out Loud, and this thread popped up with a mention of the clan.

CURN: Soldier/Defense

I joined Scream Out Loud before we ever played our first official league match. The next thing you know we are playing in OGL, STA, & TFL and doing halfway decent. Rocket Sniping was one of the things that I took great pride in, especially if you thought you had a free ride up the elevator in the flag room on The Well just because I was on the far end of the room. "No Ticket, No Ride!"

I randomly met some of the clan while playing online then got to know them and was asked to join. As with any group I have gamed with, it is the gamers that drew me to the clan. The comradery and warped sense of humors made blasting people that much more fun!

I later began playing more CS and with my buddy Nexus we created the Texas Chaos servers which hosted the WoW mod for CS. The unique aspect of our servers is that we created another class within the WoW mod which was only found on our server, the Vampire. This spawned a name change for me [The_Vampire] Lestat and Nexus became [The_Vampire] Marius.

During that run we built the server to well over 1000 connections a day and the server had very little slow time. We networked with map builders like to obtain new maps and created a "map night" to test out the maps on the server and get feedback from our community. We kept the maps that our community voted to be part of the permanent rotation. The best thing about new maps and players that did not have the maps is that Nexus set up the auto download to pull from another location instead of the actual gaming server like the majority of servers usually did. This not only allowed players to DL the map faster but it did not create lag for the players blasting away on the game server (probably pretty common now but back then it was a major issue).

I still game just not on PC, although I have thought about getting back into it. I do miss it. When it comes to PC first person shooters, I cut my teeth on TFC and CS and do not regret one minute of the countless hours I spent playing mainly as a result of the gaming community. I appreciate all of you that I played with in the past.

If you are still reading this long ass post, thank you for your time and feel free to reach out to me on social media platforms and/or XB all under CURNtheNERD.


aka [The_Vampire] Lestat
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Old 10-29-2019, 11:53 AM   #304
Join Date: Oct 2019
Class/Position: Solly on Def.
Gametype: Capture the Flag
Affiliations: XsD (Excess Damage)
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Miss those great times.

I was clan leader(after Sabo left - sadly) of clan XsD - Excess Damage. I was old, even then at 32. I'm over 50 nowadays and have kids that are older than most of the players I played against back in 1999. Times roll on, but I loved TFC when I played it. As clan leader there was a lot of hassle setting up matches and at the time, it was a bit stressful. However, I'd love to go back for a day when we had a match in 1999 and play it again. For old times sake. Still miss it.

I may have a go at FF when I update my pc next year. My current one is an XP system so have no steam, and no FF.

Take care all. Thanks to all the clans and players I played against. I died a lot. lol.


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Join Date: Sep 2019
Location: France
Gametype: Capture the Flag
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The community is the strong element of this game.
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