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Faust's corner of coolness (models and reskins not included)

so yeah, here I am, dunno where to put this thread, so I'm just gonna leave it here.

these are a few concepts of the some of the classes of a mod I'm planning, a remake of TFC with elements of Quake Team Fortress and Team Fortress 2, but in the GldSource Engine (aka, the Half Life engine), like Fortress Forever, but in Half Life engine.
I'm aware that the style is like "too serious looking", but that's what I want, make a rather serious game, with a bit of humour, but serious.
they're free, if you want to model it for Fortress Forever, just go ahead, (I'll feel flattered in that case)

(first concept)

(actual concept)



(yah, its a woman, pretty ugly in my style)


(wierd ass looking too)

FF vs TF2

true pain:

well, that's all so far, hope you guys like it. sorry for the huge ass images, couldn't change the size

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Should have thumbnailed them. I like the style
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the Spy vs Spy is cool
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I like it dude,

now go and model it!

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Those are pretty cool. You got talent

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yah, there it is, Thumbnail size

Originally Posted by Lenn View Post
now go and model it!
yeah well, I'm not good at modelling, I'm still learning (know begginners? well, I'm lower than them), but I'm still drawing classes and stuff, also, they're free to use, if someone wants to model or skin them, they can just do it (giving me credits, of course), also, I do enjoy drawing and trippin enought to come up with new classes (despite that I need some more trippin to come up with a good HW and Demoman).

new one:
Soldier (plain badassery* straight from Japan)
*notice the badass looking black shades and the oh-so-fuckin-manly cigar

teh Spy face: (so far, I've still gotta draw the whole body =P)*
*its supposed to close the helmet when its disguised, instead of wearing a paper mask

scout's GF: (fuck yeah)

that's all so far, also, thnx for your nice feedback
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