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Change my name?

I recently just started playing FF. I had played UT2k4 for around 3 years, and was looking for something new to play. A friend of mine suggested that I try out FF as he was huge into TFC and just found out this mod exsisted. I tried it out, and I am a big fan, anyhow, on to the point.

I went into a server today that was the most populated at the time, and I play for around 10 mins, then all of a sudden, I get people asking me to change my name. When I asked what was the reason, I get the lame excuse of, "It is to close to something else." I changed my name since I wanted to keep playing in the most populated server at the time.

So my question is, am I going to be asked to change my name left and right? I mean, really? I've used this named for years and years, and no one has ever had a problem with it. In a community that is just getting its feet, it seems odd to me that people would start telling new players to change there name because they don't like, and thus making new players, not want to play.

Another things that irked me at the time, was even though my name is "close to something else", there was a player in there at the time with the name lady badass, or something close to that. That name clearly has "swear" word in it, yet she was not asked to change her name to lady bad butt or anything like that, at least be consistant.

/end rant.
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Which server was this?

It may have been because their language rules consider "Fucked" (and I guess words near it) more severe than, say, badass.

I wouldn't expect it to happen often, though - the "mature" (read: curse-friendly) servers are more plentiful than the opposite.

Oh, and welcome to FF.
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There's only one server out there that I can think of that would even consider your name remotely offending.

Funked can mean any number of innocent things and it's very silly that someone would ask you to change it. Just play on another server.

eO, FYC, AE are all good servers that you won't have any trouble on.

It's ridiculous that someone wouldn't make the connection to the word "Funky" and would immediately assume it's a play on the word "fucked".

Ugh. Enough ranting.

Time for some FF.

-Icculus {FYC}
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On the AE server as long as it's not racist your all good. Mainly the current fad of Nig,Niggy,Nigger shit like that.
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no rules servers ftw, except mic spamming that's annoying : :S
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I dont remember what the server was, but im sure ill run into it again. The whole reason my name is funked, is because back in the UT days, I was/am in a call called pure. so i wanted to be pure.funk, but there was another funk out there, so I just added to the ed, and it kinda stuck.

Oh well! Ill keep on playing! Hopefully Ill see you guys around.
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