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Thanks Squeek

As all you know, a few months ago, there is this troll called Gamingmaster000, he acted like,"B-HOP IS RETARDED!" "F*** B-HOP!", I can assure you that he is banned, forever.
I was the previous user of that account, before my bullsh*t of a brother came and troll the forum. I am sorry of what he had done and apologize for his immature behavior as such.
I haven't been onto the forum since October this year due to my end of year exam. Don't say about not going to the forum, but I haven't even touch my computer since then! During that time, the computer is used by my brother. He don't have exam.
And my age isn't 27, it's 17, I wasn't sure if there is an age limit to register to the forum. My brother is 13 and he thinks he is correct and never wrong.
He never played QWTF, he never played for the QWTF team I'm 12 and for certain, he has never played Team Fortress Classic.
I have emailed squeek to perma-ban "Gamingmaster000" to prevent him from going anymore damage. I can post a screenshot of the email if you don't believe me.
So thanks squeek, the last I checked that old account of mine, I saw it as perma-ban.
You wouldn't be seeing anymore of Daniel on this forum anymore, thank you.
"Don't believe everything you read on the Internet"
-Albert Einstein
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this is such an elaborate troll
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homie in reboks'
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Kill this one with fire Squeek.
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Dr. eXpl0si0n
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mmmm lobster cake

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ROFL. Omg an actual lobster cake. 2gud.
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Send a message via AIM to squeek.
You're welcome?

Locking thread.
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