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How to conc in 'low' areas and slide on ramps?

Hi all,

so its been a while for me, and after playing a couple days, and watching some pickups ive seen the conc skills of many players.

For me it's an issue to get a grip on concing again.
Anyone can give me some tips or ideas how i should learn again concing on maps like openfire / monkey / SD2 fe. to slide ramp and scoop flag?

I know its all about movement, but when i tried to HH conc in a corridor i reach the ceiling instead of going straight forward. help is appreciated
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It's about when you jump. The closer to the time of explosion you jump the higher you'll go. So if you've been going to high you need to jump earlier.
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Think about what your character is doing when you are jumping. You go up, hit a peak of your jump, then start going back down. Your conc will make you go the direction you are headed when the conc goes off. If you are not yet at the peak of your jump, you'll gain a lot of height because you are still in the upwards part of your jump. If you are past the peak, you'll go down, and if you're conc goes off just after the peak of your jump, you can go forward without gaining a lot of height.

It's important to learn how the physics in this game can affect your character's movement as it will teach you how to be more accurate with concing and rocket jumping etc.
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hey, great, thx for the info.
I noticed that the speed and movement slightly differs from TFC, as far as i remember?

Well, yeah i know what to do anyway Practice and keep playing the public server
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it's also very important to know how much momentum you'll get off a HH conc if you DON'T jump. it's easy to fake demos out by jumping before the conc, but if you never jump in the first place they might straight up whiff the det. plus it's great for an instant speed boost when you can't reliably bhop/don't want to hit the ceiling.
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