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Assassination map idea

Well i was reading another thread then someone mentioned trains and it gave me an idea for a map which would probably suit the assassination style.

The idea is basically a huge map with a train that goes around in circles! Ok, ill elaborate more, the 'hunted' is on the train guarded by his soldiers, medics and hwguys while the snipers and spys are outside in the desert plotting to board the tran and kill him (or snipe him through the windows). Easiest way to envision it is to think of the really bad acting cowboy & indian films, where they gallop along side the train then jump off onto it, thats the type of thing im aiming for.

Thats about as much info as i have on it, takes too much imagination to come up with any more ideas :P
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Not a bad idea. I think a train going round in circles wouldnt be a good because the assassins would spend a lot of time running from the spawn points to where the train is. Maybe having a starting location where the prez and his defenders board the train and set up their defences, then after a minute or so the train leaves the station. The track could weave its way through some scenery and buildings and then the prez gets off at the end station. There could be objectives for the assassins to do to slow the train down such as changing the points so the train takes a longer route, detting some rocks that block the track until the defenders have cleared them etc. A great new feature of the HL2 entity system is that you can parent one entity to the other. This means you could have a big machine gun on the front of your train, something that wasnt possible in HL1.

It could be great but I think the balance of making it fun would involve making sure the assassins didnt spend most of their time running around trying to get near the train.

Another big issue could be how the engine handles large moving objects. Im not sure it would be able to handle 8 people standing on a complex moving object so that would be the 1st thing to test so that a lot of hard work doesnt go to waste on a laggy map no one would play!
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There sure are some possible problems but the idea is great.
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I would need to be convinced that you could do the boarding train thing as a train is quite narrow and would probably end up being a spamming contest. I suppose you could have something where a train comes into a station the pres has to get on and the train has to get clear of the station within a time limit. The snipers can snop the train by flick a rail switch and or controling the driving cabin of the train. I guess that goes away from the original concept of getting along side a moving train but I just cant see that working
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Isn't there already a map like this? Gulch or something? I'm not sure if it's a hunted map or something else, but I seem to remember having to stay on the train for a certain amount of time. In fact, I think Zouave might have made it
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Someone has made a HL2DM map where there is a fully working train, might want to check out his ideas, because last I heard, you can have alot of people on the train without lag.
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