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FDA cut the shit. I know you have valid concerns, but asking them like a two year old isn't going to go anywhere. If your question is not clear cut, you won't get a clear cut response. Stop beating around the bush and ask simply.

We're adults, aren't we? Stop slinging shit around like monkeys, it's unbecoming.


Moved my inquiries to another topic:

As for explaining this... I suspect you mean there'll be toggles for players to choose out different modes of play? I.E. different convars for different types of things such as bunny hopping or replacing the laser grenade with the nail grenade for instance? If this is what you meant Jon, then awesome.

You can gain access to the source code for Source 2. The Black Mesa devs did this for their retail version of the game that is currently in development; how much it cost to obtain it is unknown to me. Best bet would be to contact Valve directly and hash out some sort of deal. You'll be bound by an NDA then though, so it's up to you guys on what you want to do.

Good luck with your development, I look forward to seeing progress.
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