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Originally Posted by Headz View Post
dl link

pu = pick up
Optimized for pickups/clan matches

Change log from ff_phantom_b1 ( remake of ff_phantom_r )

Archways into main entrance now the same as original.
Upper doorways now back to original square shape / dimensions
Unclipped stairs to match original.
Security button now same size as original
Trim next to stairs/ramps in flag room removed.
Clipped stairs in midmap from water to stop the water exit bug.
Longer stairs in midmap are now unclipped.
Pillar next to bridge/spawn now back to original location.
Clips removed at Water tunnel side walls.
Plants on roof over main ramp now removed.

Some plants removed in flag room outside area.
All detailed plant models apart from 4 in mid map removed to dramatically reduce poly count, very benifical when flag is defended there due to lots of polys from player models/grenades etc. This will give a good increase in fps, especially if you have an old system.
Water changed from expensive to cheap to further incrase fps.

Thanks to NeoN, Homie in Reboks, FDA and others for suggestions to make this suitable for pickup/match play.

We hope you enjoy this pickup/match version keeping very faithful to the original.
By Penn and Headzy
The link expired.Can you please re-upload?
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