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Originally Posted by FDA_Approved View Post
New quake is a scary thought. It's nice to actually hear from a dev they plan on having strafe jumping and those classic forms of movement. But I'm scared about the classes and abilities being stupid.

They've already shown that one class can see through walls, one has a "charging ability", one can teleport, and another can "phase".

Idk, I'm just really turned off by all that gimicky non sense.

And I'm curios to see if it will be at all moddable. You'd kind of think that, at least custom maps, goes hand with a return to classic pc shooters. But with id-thesda you can never tell.

I think what it will really come down to is what engine they run it on. The latest iterations of id-tech have used a feature called "mega textures". Where I guess everything is baked into a single large texture. That alone seems to make modding a huge hassle.

Though Tim Willits did say they were working with Sabre Interactive on "tech". Hopefully that means they are working on making id-tech more open and mod friendly.
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